Narcissism & Healing

You don't have to be a psychiatrist or trained as a counselor to recognize that narcissism is rampant in our culture, with many leaders and famous people exhibiting classic examples of extreme narcissism without any concern for their behavior. I've been learning a lot lately about narcissistic personality disorder as [...]

Retreats, Rebirth and Renewal in Challenging Times

There is SO much more than the daily grind, so much more than the mundane. We live in a world that can feel chaotic, overwhelming, out of control and confusing. Daily we see things happening in the news that are catastrophic and make no sense to our rational minds.  [...]

Wesak Full Moon

The first Full Moon in May is the Wesak (Vesak) Moon. A very powerful and auspicious day to make prayers. "Today is the holiest day of the Buddhist year. On the full moon of May the Buddha was born, attained enlightenment, and died, passing into nirvana. Because of the immense [...]

Dandelion Spirit Medicine

Keywords: Childhood, Sun, Lion, Wishes, Perseverance, Cheeriness, Strength, Unappreciated, Misunderstood, Medicine When You Connect with Dandelion it means: You have the strength and determination to get through any blocks or challenges that arise. Utilize all of your tools and practices in order to more fully embody your gifts and bring [...]

House Fly To Freedom

I saved a fly’s life today.  A large house fly had come in the open back door and just could not figure out how to get back outside for a whole day and night.  When I found him (or her) the next morning, he had slowed down enough for me [...]

Succulent Medicine

Succulents have been popping up in my life, energetically and literally, for weeks now.  I have a student who keeps talking about them and purchasing them for her home.  Friends on Facebook keep posting photos of them.  Clients have commented on the beautiful jade plants growing in my house.  I [...]

Don’t Go To The Post Office For Milk

Someone once said this to me: Don’t go to the post office for milk. At the time it made me laugh, but there is a deeper wisdom hidden in this simple saying. Ever tell someone something you are truly excited about, only to receive negativity and naysaying? Have you ever [...]

You Are Always On Your Path

One of the consistent questions I hear from clients is, "How do I know I'm on the right path?" You are always on your path. You cannot be off of your path. Your path is exactly where you are, right now in this moment and in each and every moment [...]

Making Peace with Our Shadow in the New Age

I get it. I really do. People are tired of the “love and light” shallowness of what is commonly known as the new age movement. It can seem false and misguided; the Pollyanna sunshine mentality that seems to have no room for the harsh realities of a powerful spiritual journey. [...]


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