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Speaking To Spirit

Interview with Shanna on The Soul Frequency podcast.

On this episode (#44) about speaking to spirit, Bloom shares about the power of ceremony, how we can integrate our experiences, and how to live in reciprocity with the planet and each other.

“The way I deal with all of the collective energies is really just to bring it back to my internal experiences because as you said, there seems to be a lot of amplification.  The divisiveness and the shadow energies that we see are simply the balance of the very powerful light that is happening right now.  It seems to me people are definitely waking up and remembering in a way that has never happened before and that is very exciting.  And sometimes I have people sending me information about the kind of stuff you are talking about and they feel overwhelmed. 

And so I like to remind people:  yes, things feel amplified.  Yes, Things feel like they are moving very quickly.  Yes, we are waking up in a way that is unprecedented.  And bring it back internal.  Are you grounded?  Breathing into your belly?  In alignment?  Are you in integrity?  Walking your path poco a poco (bit by bit)?  Stay focused on how you can be a medicine carrier in the world.  Medicine being things that support, empower, and heal people.”   – Bloom Post

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Dream Freedom Beauty Podcast

Interview with Natalie & Lizzie Ross

In this episode (#30) we talk about shamanism as an inclusive and expansive spiritual path. Bloom shares the difference between healing and curing and whether we can have both. We dig into working with essences for doing accessible, gentle transformational work. We also talk about:

  • Reframing a mental illness diagnosis as the birth of a healer
  • Releasing vs integrating for wholeness, healing and letting go
  • Chopping wood and carrying water as ceremony
  • Sacred imagination as a channel for spirit to speak
  • Shifting focus from fear and drama to awareness, healing & love
  • What to ask the plant spirits when you’re beginning to work with them

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Dream Freedom Beauty Podcast

A Second Interview with Natalie & Lizzie Ross

In another episode (#83) we focus on invoking ease and grace, supporting your soul work, and deepening your gifts as an empath. Topics covered include:

  • How invoking grace and ease can change your vibration in a powerful way
  • What it means to live your life as ceremony
  • Why seeking out support in your soul work is so important
  • How consistency in your daily practice is key to creating deep shifts in your life
  • Why the whole world is currently experiencing PTSD
  • Why being an empath can be a gateway to opening up your beautiful spiritual gifts, if you let go of victimhood
  • How using plant spirits as totems can empower and assist us on our path
  • What the difference is between totems and allies

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