We are following pandemic protocols and will be having smaller ceremonies at this time.

Tobacco Healing Ceremonies are on Saturdays and run from 12pm-3pm. A non-refundable deposit of $25 is required to reserve your spot. The cost for Ceremony is $98 – $58, sliding scale with the lower end of scale for those with financial need. Your $25 deposit is part of this payment. Please pay in full if you cancel within 24 hours of ceremony.

If the ceremony is marked as sold out, please email Bloom directly to be put on a wait list.

Tobacco is one of Bloom’s primary teachers and this potent plant brings deep cleansing, clearing and detoxification. Working with the ancient medicine of singado (singa), students raise this tobacco tea into their nostrils through shells in order to ingest the medicine and receive healing.

The collective culture has created a negative relationship with this powerful plant medicine, and this sacred ceremony supports bringing our human tribe back into right relationship with this plant teacher and the gifts it offers. We work intentionally with Tobacco and our guides on behalf of each person in the ceremony as well as the collective, invoking healing, guidance, understanding, wisdom, clarity and much more.

This circle is inspired by the Peruvian coastal tradition of prayerfully ingesting tobacco tea through the sinuses, to support integration, grounding, healing, embodiment, cleansing and more. Participants then receive a healing lympia which is an energetic cleansing.

Ceremonial tobacco tea is powerfully healing and supports deep clarity for participant.

You will not smoke Tobacco in this ceremony, and you do not need to ingest to participate. Bloom and her apprentices can raise singa on your behalf in order for you to receive the benefits of the medicine.

Please bring water bottle to stay hydrated.

If a ceremony is sold out, email bloom@bloompost.com to be placed on the wait list. All are welcome.
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