Bloom Post is one of the most powerful healers I have worked with. Her courage to show up and do the work, to hold the space, and to clear your personal energy is transformational. She is a gifted Shaman who navigates the spiritual world to bring and access all of the tools necessary for healing and activation.

Wherever you are in your journey is where she will meet you. I have experienced powerful growth and transformation with her guidance and the power of the energy she is able to access. She is a truly blessed individual who has accepted the path of service in the art of energy, transformation, growth, and healing.  If you want to change, to grow, to do the work and experience the numerous benefits that come with this type of healing, then show up and work with Bloom with a willingness to experience a new and amazing life.
— Lis Anna —

As an energy healer, herbalist, Qigong teacher, and after 20 years of spiritual growth workshops, it is challenging to find teachers with depth and groundedness who are also connected with the oneness and fullness of the soul. Bloom is one of those teachers. She brings her whole self, present and full, to create a magical earth space for a deep connection within. She is a genuine soul whose wisdom and knowledge span many dimensions and teachings. My journey with her connected me with even more aspects of myself. There is always more!
— Onja Bock —

Thank you for Saturday’s workshop. So much positive energy. Since our meeting I read about Archangel Gabriel and WOW so many things make sense now. When you put your hand on my back, I felt like you removed a black cloud or something heavy from me.  Thank you for that!
— Jitka Hradek —

My session with Bloom was outstanding. I came to her with a particular issue which she and her guides dealt with quickly. Then came the really good part! With their help I was introduced to ancestral guides of my own, which was extremely affirming and has been a daily boon in my life.  The extra, hidden, Bonus track: they got rid of almost all of my fibroid tumors (something that had been plaguing me for the past couple of years).  My next menstruation was completely ‘normal’ and trouble free. I am so grateful to Bloom for the help she’s given me and also for her seemingly endless wisdom. She’s a very wonderful and powerful woman.
— Celene DeLoach —

Before I even met Bloom, her reputation preceded her. I was leery of “energy healers,” though, and remained skeptical. The day she stepped into my office, however, two things were undeniably clear: (1) her direct connection to spirit, and (2) her pragmatic groundedness. I hired her on the spot, and she delivered such a solid and personalized class that it was talked about for months. There were no skeptics anymore, including me. From now on, she’ll be teaching for all my classes, and working with me as well.
— Ceara Foley, Director, Appalachia School of Holistic Herbalism —

Working with Bloom was truly a gift! She has the fantastic ability to create a safe space for people to explore the deeper realms of their own consciousness and reveal what’s necessary for their spiritual evolution. Her work is accessible, magical, and deeply helpful for anyone looking to expand their awareness of how to fully explore the inner tapestry of being.
— Lila Pierce Brown, Founder & Director Gateway Yoga Studio, Raleigh, NC —

Bloom taught Plant Spirit Medicine at the Blue Ridge School of Herbal Medicine this past summer, and the students really enjoyed her teaching. Rather than just teach theory, she led us into directly connecting with the world beyond the physical, demonstrated non-physical healing, and she did all this while remaining grounded and without getting in the least bit ‘far out.’ We will definitely be having Bloom come teach again.
— CoreyPine Shane, AHG, Clinical Herbalist, Director, Blue Ridge School of Herbal Medicine —

It has been an honor to experience the Divine presence of Bloom. The information that she was able to retrieve for me has changed my life! Her passion, compassion, and ability to connect with the Spirit world is amazing to witness. I truly admire her gifts and sincerity.
— Deborah A. Schuldes, Energy Healer, RMT, and Author —

The work that Bloom does continues to work for a very long time after personal sessions with her.  I have found that the list of tools that she helped me with after seeing her is continuing to be applied in my life for positive change and well-being long after seeing her. She is a pure healer and will help you to realize the truth of your journey. A session is well worth going to for anyone who wants to improve their mindset, surroundings, and personal well being. She works in a very practical and gentle way yet generates dramatic results.
— Cristal Rose Fox —

After taking Bloom’s workshops and having private sessions with her, I would absolutely recommend her to others.  Her workshops have a safe, welcoming and caring atmosphere; and her light, yet focused, down-to-earth approach in our private sessions creates a sacred space that is very conducive to healing. Her passion for ‘the work’ is great and I always leave with the gift of feeling inspired and grateful.
— Chris Cintron, Shamanic Massage Therapist —

Working with Bloom over the past 18 months has been enlightening and empowering for me. Her ability to speak directly with Spirit has led me to deeper levels of healing – emotionally, spiritually, and physically.  My life is developing into a miracle that I never expected. I am blessed to be working with her.
— Deb, Reiki Master —