Shamanic Healing Sessions / Home & Business Clearings

90 minute shamanic healing sessions are available in person in Black Mountain, NC, or via Zoom.  Cost of an in-person or Zoom session is $350.

90 minute shamanic healing session over the phone is $225.  A 60 minute phone session is $175.  You do not need to be in person in order to receive deep healing and shifts.  We can do much of the same work over the phone.

Focusing on your specific intentions, Bloom offers powerful healing techniques through Soul Retrieval, Past-life healing, Ancestral healing and more. Bloom will empower you to link tangibly with your personal guides so that when the session is complete, you will have personal connection with your guides, as well as healing tools to receive continued support.

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***Sessions for children: 45 minutes to 1 hour sessions are offered for children 17 and younger, on a pro-rated basis, depending on how much time is needed. Bloom must meet in a healing session with a parent or caregiver of the child first, before working with the child.***

Soul Healing

Peru - Saqsayhuaman

Why are you here? What is holding you back from perceiving your personal truth? Are you seeking powerful transformation?

If you could see all the help that surrounds you in the Spirit realm, waiting on a word from you – if you had an army of angels at your back, your ancestors’ hands on your shoulders, would you let them help?

It’s time to step into your personal power and do what you came here to do. Get ready to explore your soul’s landscape and meet your personal guides.

Clarity, confidence, direction, healing and positive change, the end of stagnation and indecision… this is all waiting for you, within.

Soul Retrieval

After living through trauma, your soul energy can energetically splinter off and disconnect. This common form of self-protection when experiencing frightening or intense situations keeps you from staying energetically present in your body.

Sometimes even subtle events can create a soul loss, and eventually, your energy can feel fragmented, scattered and out of balance. Calling in these lost aspects of the soul allows you to reclaim your power, create balance and focus and handle stress with more grace and ease.

Clearing Unhealthy Energetic Cords

Throughout lifetimes, including this one, you make connections and create energetic cords with people, places, things and events. Occasionally, it is healthy to clear and remove any unhealthy energetic attachments.

These cords can drain your energy field, causing illness and unhealthy patterns. This healing clears these attachments across lifetimes and dimensions, while still allowing and empowering healthy connections.

Peru - Apu Ausangate

Healing Lineage Karma

Negative energies and unhealthy habits or patterns can be passed down through the ancestral lineage. Clearing karma in your lineage is an excellent way to regain clarity, health, balance and a fresh perspective for you, your relationships and future generations, freeing you from family line energies that do not serve your highest and greatest good. This is also a powerful healing tool for issues around addiction and other toxic energies, as well as dis-eases that are considered “inherited” or genetic.


Removal of Entities/Toxic Energies & Energetic Clarity

Feeling stuck in an unhealthy pattern or habit and can’t seem to break free? Depressed, lethargic, ill, consistently tired or drained? Overly sensitive to surrounding energies?

Often this is the result of energetic entities or a build-up of toxic energy. This healing work clears draining energies which have created a negative loop. You’ll learn how to create energetic protection by working with your personal guides, guardians and protectors in the realms. With these tools, you’ll experience energetic clarity and focus, good health and a general feeling of well-being.

Energetic Midwifery

Whether trying to conceive, expecting a child or need healing for a traumatic experience around birth (miscarriage, stillbirth, abortion), this profound modality can empower and assist you.

Grief and other painful energy from miscarriages, abortions and stillbirths can be healed through connection with your unborn child. This is incredibly powerful for healing trauma, sadness, guilt, shame or other negative energies. Profound healing can occur from this work, regardless of how much time has passed since the experience.

This healing modality is highly recommended for pregnant mothers, empowering both mother and baby to move forward on their journeys with lightness, peace and joy. However, fathers-to-be can benefit as well. Connecting with your child in the womb is a beautiful way for expecting parents to be present and intentional in the pregnancy and birthing experience. While in the womb, babies still remember and feel their connection with Source in a very powerful and tangible way. Children can share much wisdom from the other realms before incarnating on this planet.

Are you seeking to get pregnant? Creating intentional ritual is a beautiful way to call in your child. We will connect with their energy to call them in at the perfect, divine time, and heal issues that might be preventing pregnancy.

Deep healing for yourself or your children (living or deceased) can also occur by re-writing your birth story. Transforming these events’ energy to a positive vibration, we create powerful shifts, thereby shifting all negative energy that no longer serves your highest and greatest good. This work often clears stagnation in your current experience and empowers you to move forward with courage, grace and ease.

I received a shamanic healing session from Bloom while I was pregnant, talking to my baby when he was in my womb. It was incredible. She somehow pin-pointed my exact fears and reassured me. She told me the story of my baby’s conception, as my son saw it, and his decision process about picking me as his mama. Remembering that sacred story still brings tears to my eyes. Thank you Bloom for bringing mystical communion into this realm.

S. C. Rich

Past Life Connections and Healing

By accessing the Akashic Records and retrieving past life karmic information, we clear energy hindering your current life journey. Many clients experience physical, emotional, mental and spiritual healing through the healing of past life experiences.

Akashic Records is a theosophical term referring to a universal filing system that records our every thought, word, and action, as well as our intentions as we incarnate into each life. Some indicate the Akashic Records are similar to a cosmic or collective consciousness. The records are called different names including the Cosmic Mind, the Universal Mind, the Collective Unconscious, or the Collective Subconscious.

Home & Land Clearing, and Clearing of Business

There can be myriad reasons why a space feels stagnant or unclear. Bloom is able to get to the root of any issues in order to create the clarity you’re seeking in your home or business. She can remove entities as well as simply empower the energy to flow with more grace and ease, in turn supporting each person in the space as well.

Bloom receives information for maintaining a healthy, clear space, as well as information and tools for those who live in, work in or steward that place.

Bloom also connects with the ancestors and energies of your land, nurturing a relationship of mutual respect with those who came before and with Mother Earth. It is vital to co-create a beneficial relationship with the Spirits of the land, even when you do not feel negative energies present.

Creating energetic clarity in your environment increases your ability to be restful, relaxed and productive, as well as more intimacy and connection with your home and business as a sacred space.

Home or business clearings generally take 60 – 75 minutes and are $250, which includes drive time and gas within 35 miles from Black Mountain. Beyond 35 miles, a fee for gas is requested based on the mileage.

Bloom can also offer a home clearing via video chat if not local to WNC.