Like humans, homes and businesses can become energetically stagnant. There can also be negative entities and energies, based on the history of the space. Energetic clearing activates your environment to be of highest support to all who occupy it.

By connecting with the energy in your home or business, Bloom helps to create an abundant, sacred, energetically clear and protected space which you can feel psychically, spiritually, physically, and energetically.

Bloom receives information for maintaining a healthy, clear space, as well as information and tools for those who live in, work in, or steward that place.

She connects with the ancestors and energies of your land, nurturing a relationship of mutual respect with those who came before and with Mother Earth. It is vital to co-create a beneficial relationship with the Spirits of the land, even when you do not feel negative energies present.

Creating energetic clarity in your environment increases your ability to be restful, relaxed and productive, as well as more resonantly connected with your home and business as a sacred space.

Home or business clearings take 60 minutes and are $400. This price includes drive time and gas within 40 miles from Black Mountain, NC.

If you are not local to Western North Carolina, Bloom offers 60 minute clearings via Zoom or video call for $300.