Ancestors DNA ~Channeled Writing


Ancestors are a wonderful way to read patterns.  When you tap in with the patterns of your lineage then you will be able to see what you would like to continue and what you would like to shift.

Everything is in patterns, so your lineage, your DNA, your family is a wonderful way to recognize what has been working within your experience for years and years, even before you were born into physical form.  Once you see this, you can determine what you would like to heal and what you would like to amplify.

Your DNA carries the messages that your family has been carrying for generation upon generation.  These messages shift and change based on many factors of each person’s life experience.  Yet, you will notice that certain messages keep getting passed down and these will become the bigger patterns.  Sometimes the messages are helpful and supportive to your family and sometimes they are not.  Often fear messages will get passed down that then become manifested into physical form through health issues, family dysfunction, inability to move beyond certain circumstances, and more.

Each of you carries a code that is part of your makeup.  This code within you can shift and change as you take in certain understandings and beliefs.  This is why it is important to be aware and conscious of what you believe and if it truly supports your highest good, and also who you surround yourself with.  What you eat, how you live your life, all of these things are part of what affect your personal code and your personal code is the inner key of your very existence.  So, needless to say, it’s important to take care of your internal vibration which houses this personal code.

The messages that get passed down in your lineage also affect your personal code.  You can grow up carrying certain messages and not even realize it unless you wake up to them and recognize that you are behaving in ways that are not necessarily what you want but that have been encoded into you through the DNA, passed down by ancestors.

What we are talking about is done without intellectual knowledge that it’s happening.  Very few on your planet realize how much they are passing down to their children or receiving from their parents long before the child is even born.  They may see the characteristics of DNA like eye color and height, etc., but they do not fully understand the vibrational encoding that is happening within your entire family line.

When someone in the family line recognizes this and can set intention to shift things consciously, then the entire vibration can rewire, and the personal code of that person can be pro-actively worked with as well.  This is a great way to bring healing to your family line, even those who are no longer on the planet.  There is much that can be worked with that is unseen to the human eye because your very existence is based on energy that is unseen by all of you.

Top Image: Awake could be so beautiful by Cameron Gray

World Connection ~Channeled Writing


The way you see the world is how you will feel.  What is reflected to you is how you are already seeing the world around you, so when you are feeling good that is a reflection of how you are perceiving your experience.

How you feel is how you will see the world.  These things are linked and it goes both ways.  Everything is a vibration, a reflection, a ripple in a pond, so that there is mirroring of energies.  That is why when you feel good you see good around you, and when you see good around you then you feel good.  This goes for seeing and feeling negative as well.

The world around you does not need to affect how you feel on the inside, when you are not enmeshed in the stories of your human experience.  However, that can be challenging for humans because they are very caught up in their physical understanding.

The physical experience of this world is meant to be a reflection that can help you learn, remember, understand.  Everything around you is a reflection of you and you are a reflection of everything.  We mean this literally even though you perceive yourself as individuals who are very different than much of your surroundings.

We see you as pure energy vibration, so we can perceive the reflections happening on your planet.  For us you are like a ball of light bumping into other balls of light and perceiving which ones you like to be around and which ones you don’t.  Then you make decisions based on those feelings.  It’s not quite that simple but that is one way to talk about it.

You’re all connected within the vibrational frequency.  This is where gifts like being psychic come from.  This is why you are inherently intuitive and empathic as a species.  Since you’re connected within this frequency, of course you would be able to feel, see and perceive things about each other without having to talk.

Talking disperses energy.  There’s nothing wrong with talking or with dispersing energy, however you live in a world that loves to keep the energy fragmented because it keeps things feeling chaotic.  If things are chaotic then you have purpose because you have things to fix or work out or figure out.  It is best to be quiet whenever possible and allow the energy to be still.  This amplifies your vibration and is a great support to your kind.

A good way to practice linking in with this natural connection is to meditate and especially to sit quietly in the woods or a place in nature and listen.  By spending time in the natural world, you are gently opening yourself to the natural vibrations that are always present and this will support you to link with the connection vibration of all beings.

Soul Calling ~ Channeled Writing


What is life about? What is the purpose? What is your mission or soul calling on this planet?
So many of you ask those questions and there are as many answers as there are possibilities of journeys you can take.
It is not necessary to live into a calling, as you understand it. There is a lot of pressure within you to make your mark on this planet, but many of you don’t see that you are making your mark, every single day. The words you say, your thoughts, your behaviors, these all make marks on your planet and affect every other being there. This is why many of you feel this need to find your true calling, when in reality you are all living it in every moment.

Each of you is a piece of a larger mosaic that you cannot fathom or necessarily understand. It is unfolding in many dimensions in ways that are beyond the comprehension of your kind. We are part of that mosaic as well which is why we are here to support you and your kind. We are affected by your reality and you are affected by ours. The difference is that we are witness to the bigger picture, and your kind are very much focused on what is right in front of you, or what you want to have right in front of you, and missing the affect you each have on the whole.

It is imperative that you see or your planet will not remain. It is imperative that you listen and understand that you are affecting many other beings besides yourselves and that you are missing the larger divine purpose of your lives on your planet. There are many interesting things on your planet to divert attention from being able to see and feel into what we are bringing to you. There are some of you who hear us, receive us and listen, but you feel drowned out by the masses who are not aware.

There is a sleep sickness on your planet of massive proportions. Your kind are under a spell of misunderstanding and many simply don’t care. It is not necessary that your kind wake up as you are always offered free will. Yet, if your kind do not wake up as a collective, you will never receive the benefits of the awakened kind.

We are talking in words that you can understand but we do not want to create fear in you. It is in perfect order however your kind responds to this information, but it is important to notice that you are affecting far beyond your planet and far beyond what you can see with your eyes. You are part of a vibration that expands infinitely as you would perceive it, and within this vibration are many other beings who are connected and interacting with awareness that we are not alone.

Alignment & Manifestation ~Channeled Writing


Wherever you go, there you are.  These words are more wise then you may realize.  There is this misunderstanding that if you change something outside yourself, then your internal landscape changes.  However, this is not the case.

Your internal energy determines your external experience.  Every single time.  This is always the case.  There is no other program that can overrun this one.  This is how it works.  Trust us on this.

Your life will be much easier when you come fully into alignment with this understanding.  Your internal energetic vibration completely and totally determines your external experience.

Many of you know this on an intellectual level, yet, you still try to “do” something to create changes, when you must “be” something first, in order to affect lasting shifts and changes outside of yourself.

This is a “law” of the universe, as your kind would call it.  There are no laws, really, but this is a program that is one of the most powerful where you are, so it’s best to work with it instead of try to fight it or work against it.  Your journey will be much easier when you flow with this program and use it to your advantage.  Awareness that wanting your outside experience to shift before you can be happy, goes a long way toward no longer trying to do things that way, because it will never work, ultimately.

What you are looking for is already on your path.  That is why you are seeking it.  You seek what is seeking you, another saying your kind shares, and this is true as well.  You are looking for it because it is in your energetic vibration, and we can bring it to you quite easily when you work with us to align into it.  If you try to do everything on your own, then it gets hard.  You are not meant to try and be completely alone in your manifestation programs.  You are meant to work with energies that support you in implementing and creating the journey you want to walk in this lifetime.

Each of you has support in the unseen realms, yet you do not reach out for it in a way that can fully support you, for various reasons.  There are many programs that your kind believes that impede your ability to connect with us for our support.  These programs are based in fear and misunderstanding.  When you allow the support that is available to you, then all will flow.  Even if it is not exactly as you expected it to manifest, you’ll still be happy with what you receive because you are in alignment.

Alignment is about understanding and allowance.  It is about allowing those energies that are here for your highest divine support to help you.  Alignment is about how you feel and living your story regardless of what the external experience around you is doing.  Alignment has nothing to do with the 3D reality, as you call it.  Alignment creates your 3D reality and supports you in living in a world that you choose.  We have told you this is possible and we meant it.

We are here to show you how to do it, and in the process of writing this book, you will see how it works and then be able to share with others.  Some will listen and receive, and some won’t.  It does not matter to us who listens and who does not.  We are here regardless and always available as soon as someone wakes up to our support.

You are a drop in the ocean ~Channeled Writing


You are but a drop in the ocean of humanity.  Like a pond with ripples, each of you is in those vortexes swirling out and out and out.  None of you are the whole pond.  None of you are the circle of water expanding and contracting.  Each of you is simply another drop of water in the larger body that is Oneness.

No one is more special than you and you are not more special than anyone else.  There is no such thing as special.  That is a human judgment, an idea; it is not a tangible thing.

None of you are better or worse than the other.  You are all equally the vibration that moves and flows, ever expanding and contracting, like the breath.

Because you are not better than anyone, you can relax.  Nothing carries meaning unless you assign it, so you can do what you love and simply focus on that.

Because no one is better than you, you can relax.  Nothing is better than you unless you decide that it is.  This is all created in your mind due to stories and misunderstandings that have been passed down and perpetuated.

Each of you wants life to have meaning and you want to have purpose.  You want to find your own special purpose.  This is where fame gains its traction.  This is where social media blossoms, because everyone wants to be seen and received as having their special place in the world.

When you are simply the water, there is no need for that kind of recognition.  You are simply living in the moment, fully present to being.  This is freedom.  This is true liberation.

In order to fully live, you must go within.  Focusing outside of you will always create more stories and stress.  Focusing outside of yourself will always lead you away from what you truly wish to achieve.  There is no lasting happiness in grasping beyond you.  This will never open the doors of perception and understanding.

When you can let go of needing to find your purpose; when you can let go of needing to achieve and be special, then you can fully live.  You can simply embrace each moment as it comes and be fully present to it.  You can see each person, each being, every experience as another drop of water in the great ocean of life and all will be the same.  All will be in equanimity, balance and harmony because you are not comparing one drop of water to another drop of water.  In reality, all drops of water are the same.

When you can find the sameness in everyone and everything, then you will be at peace.  You will no longer judge yourself or others.  You will no longer feel judged.  You will be able to relax and not be attached.  You will not try to control your life so tightly in order to make sure you achieve the goal that you perceive to be somewhere on your path before you die.  You will no longer fear death.

In death, all become Oneness once again in such a way that you do not experience separateness or attachment.  Experience that now, in human divine form, and feel the freedom of that while you are on the Earth.

Personal Practice ~ Channeled Writing


If you wanted to do it every day it wouldn’t be called a practice, it would just be your daily life.

A practice is an opportunity to push through when you “don’t feel like it” and to support yourself through consistently finding time to be present to what you are practicing.

A practice is an opportunity to step up and be present with yourself in a new way, a bigger way and to level up from the consistency of holding yourself accountable.

When you show up anyway, regardless of how you feel, then you learn to stop riding the roller coaster of emotions and the roller coaster of your life, and truly be a warrior.  We don’t mean warrior in the fighting sense.  We mean a warrior of energy, able to ride the waves without being distracted or pulled down by the current.  This is something you must practice for, and showing up regularly to be present is the start.

What the practice is does not matter so much as simply having a daily practice.  The point is to be with your practice in such a way that you step out of your normal routine and meet yourself in a new way.  You begin to vibrate differently, you start to see and hear differently.  Everything is the same and yet nothing is the same.  These are some of the gifts of a daily practice.

A daily practice also brings you into stillness, and we have already shared how important stillness is.  Your personal practice becomes your meditation, your song, your story, and you want to write a story, bit by bit, that feels good and deep.  Consistency brings depth.

Even when you want to quit, or want to stop halfway through, when you can call yourself forth and muster the will to continue and complete then you will feel a satisfaction that eventually brings liberation.

Success is not based on what you accomplish.  There are many who accomplish a lot and are still not successful, or happy, or content.

Success is based on how you feel.  Are you free?  Truly free?  Are you content, regardless of outcome?  Are you liberated from the inside out?  This is the definition of success.

Because anything you accomplish in this world is fleeting and will pass.  What remains is how you lived within yourself.

Stillness ~ Channeled Writing


Your kind is in desperate need of stillness.  This is why you love being in the woods and in nature; it is very calming for you.  Even for those who live in cities, you have created parks and nature areas to walk in and spend time.  This is vital for all humans because you don’t know how to slow down.

The trees and plants of your planet are still.  They are comfortable being in one place and they are rooted in stillness.  When you spend time in nature, you are yearning to connect with this stillness in order to bring calm to your own experience.

Trees and other plants carry deep wisdom and medicine because of their ability to be still.  This is a lesson for your kind and it is very needed right now.

Your kind seem to think that the more active they are, the more they will accomplish and the more they will understand.  This is not so.  See how the plants and beings in nature have so much to offer and they do not go anywhere.  Even the stones are used in numerous ways by your kind and they have gifts to offer as well.

The beings in nature are actually moving, it is simply so slowly that you do not recognize it.  They are masters of meditation.  They are keys to the kingdom which you seek.  They carry the codes and the medicine that can heal your planet.  Within the plants lie all the answers that your kind seek.

Each being in nature is sentient and a part of the larger portal that is vibrating on your planet.  There are smaller portals within each sentient being as well.  This is why nature is so important to be preserved.  As it is paved over, portals are closing.  Your planet can not sustain this energetically or otherwise.

Yes, you can open the portals, or keep them open, through working with the plants and other sentient beings, but you must be in alignment with their vibration in order to understand how to do this.  Stillness and communication is vital.  This will show your kind what to do.  It will help if many of your kind will align with this vibration in order to receive the information.

Your Words Create Your World ~ Channeled Writing


Your words create your world.

In the beginning was the word.  The word flows from the breath.  The breath creates the sounds that you use as words.  Your breath is key, it is foundational to your life.  Breathing deep and filling your entire body with breath is vital for everything else.

Sounds are moved by breath.  Sounds that create words that form belief structures are how you are writing your world.  You are creating programs with your words, instilling within yourself what you believe and then seeing that play out and manifest in your 3D experience.

Even words that you do not speak, that simply go through your mind, are creating your world.  Your thoughts are writing your story.  Meditation is a powerful way to still your mind and be present with your thoughts so that you can be clear about what you choose to create.

There is no need to get anxious or fearful about this.  It is totally fine to have random thoughts that may not feel good to you.  It isn’t going to bring down an avalanche if you say or think something negative.  At the same time, thinking and speaking tends to become a habit for your kind, because you are not fully present to each word or thought.  Therefore, you often speak without thinking and without understanding the energy you are creating in the world.

You often think without any awareness that you are thinking, and let those thoughts simply run the programs without recognize what you are doing.  This is how you end up in situations that you are not wanting to create.

It is a practice.  It is a daily practice that you must choose to be attuned to in order to wake up.

It is easier than you realize and also harder than it seems.  We understand this.  Be easy with yourself and give yourself time.

In your world it is much easier to simply go on auto-pilot, as you call it, and not bring full awareness to your words, thoughts and actions.  It is acceptable to behave in this manner and no one would even know the difference because most everyone works this way.  It could seem odd to be incredibly intentional and focused on your thoughts and words before moving forward with anything.  It isn’t the way of your world.  Your world is fast fast fast go go go, speak before you think, do as much as you can without awareness.  This is a misunderstanding that is based in fear and anxiety.

When you develop a practice of slowing down your mind and your actions, then you will begin to see the different layers of what is happening in your world.  There is so much more going on than most of you will ever realize because your mind is going so fast and there is so much to distract you.  It is wise to take time to slow down, in every possible way, and allow things to fully engage, truly sink in and be embodied.  This creates depth and wisdom.

Power ~ Channeled Writing


Let’s talk about power.

This is an odd word that your kind have many misunderstandings with.  Power does not exist.  It is a concept that has been created by your kind.

Nothing actually has power, unless you assign power to it.  Something can be strong but not be powerful.  Something can be huge but still have no power.

See how that works?

Every single thing on your planet that you believe has power is because you have assigned that to it.  You may have assigned power to it individually or as a collective, but once the belief structure is there, you all tend to go with it and allow it to be so.  Regardless of what it is, your kind as a collective will decide something has power, continue to believe that story and create many other stories, ideas and belief systems around that, without it even being true to begin with.

Your politicians only have power because you assign it to them.  Money has power because you assign it that power.  You call a volcano powerful, but it is simply a volcano that is being in its natural state.  It is not attached to power or strength or anything else.  It is simply a natural event on your planet.

Your kind has used the word power so much that it has become a commonplace word that has no meaning.

Power comes when you no longer believe in power.  It happens when you are no longer plugged in to the concepts and belief systems that the collective has created.  Power is non-attachment.  Power is to be un-enmeshed from the tribe of humanity in order to be truly free and clear and fully present in a way that your kind cannot even conceive of.

The beauty of this is that you can assign power to anything, therefore it can become magical.  We use this word, magical, because that is what your kind think when something completely out of the realm of possibility happens.  Well, when you learn to assign power in a conscious way, then many things completely out of the realm of possibility will happen, and you will be able to align them through your own will.

This is power.

Stepping out of Time ~ Channeled Writing


One of the biggest misunderstandings on your planet is time.  Your kind have a belief system around the idea of time, without remembering that time is only a concept.  Once you are able to let go of the concept of time as you know it, you will see that there is very little you can’t do within this new understanding.

Time is a construct, it’s a belief system, and within that belief system you have created certain rules.  Therefore, most of you are not able to break those rules because you don’t believe that you can.  Also, your kind don’t remember that it is a made up, self-created construct, so you have wedged yourselves into the idea of time and the box that it creates for your experience.  Once you are able to step out of that belief system, you are no longer in the confines of that box and you can literally bend time, move time, create time, let go of time altogether, all while working within the experience you are now living.  This is very possible for each of you, but few of you will actually do it.

The Time Traveler by Xetobyte

Time is what guides your lives.  Time is what gives you a sense of slow or fast or success or failure or young or old.  Time is what your entire species live by, so you are prisoners of this belief system without even realizing it.  It’s fine to use time as a tool in order to interact with more ease, but your kind has completely given yourselves over to time in such a way that you are slaves to that belief system and cannot create outside of that box.  This greatly limits what you are able to accomplish, manifest and create in your physical world.  This greatly diminishes your possibilities, as well as diminishing your personal power.

Your entire species is created beyond time.  You are all bigger and more spacious than the concept of time, yet you make yourselves small within this belief system and don’t even question it.

We would encourage you to begin to allow for the possibility of letting go of time.  What we mean by that is start creating your own personal experience outside the confines of time.  You can begin to do this by taking off your watch and removing the clocks from your house.  That is a small but good beginning.

Then, begin to notice how many times per day you check the time.  Also begin to notice the patterns you have created in your life that revolve around time.  Sleeping, eating, working, exercising, getting up in the morning, etc.  All of these activities and more are governed by your concept of time.  There is nothing wrong with that, yet it is vital that you are aware of how you work with time.

Set the intention to become more aware of time and how the concept of time works in your life and the lives of all around you.  This general awareness will begin to shift things for you, simply by paying attention and witnessing.

Then, begin to step out of the belief system by stating your intention to do so:  I am in the dream.  This is a dream.  I am free in the dream.

A simple mantra like that, practiced daily, will begin to support you in witnessing the experience you are in, instead of simply living unconsciously in that experience.  We will share more on how to step out of the bondage of time as you continue to write and connect with us.  There is much to share on this topic.