Hindsight is indeed 2020 and recapitulation is a powerful way to create healing, growth and understanding.

I view Solstice as the beginning of the year, as we turn once again toward the light. I use this time to take down my mesa (altar) and clean the area that has been covered in sacred cloth. I clean every article and tool that has been on my mesa the past year and I rebuild it. Each year my mesa is imbued with a new focus and new energy as I listen to what tools stay on it and what tools are ready to be gifted to others.

This is one of the ways I reset and I’ll be preparing for this practice on December 21st as I gather with you for our pre-Solstice Activation, guiding you through a Recapitulation and Reset of 2020.

Recapitulation offers the opportunity to be more present with past events, recognize possible soul loss and places that need tending, and empower healing of these experiences. Recapitulation of an entire year is a wonderful way to reset for 2021.

This time has been sacred in many ways, much like a year long Ayahuasca ceremony. There were moments in Ayahuasca ceremonies where I felt I couldn’t go on. I needed a rest or I wanted it to be over already because it was so intense and I was exhausted in every possible way. Many have felt that way this year. Yet, I’ve learned again and again in ceremony that when we think we can’t go on, we can. Breathe into your belly and relax your body as best you can. Refocus on your heart and let Love guide your way.

Is it easy? Heck no. Is it vital? Yes.

Many blessings to you and yours this season, and always.