October Newsletter ~ Creating Ritual

  As we enter the season of Autumn, watching the leaves and plants begin to die away, and the energy palpably shifting, it's a potent time for being intentional and mindful, and Ritual is one of the best ways to do this tangibly. For me, Winter Solstice (Dec. 21st) is [...]

You Are Always On Your Path

One of the consistent questions I hear from clients is, "How do I know I'm on the right path?" You are always on your path. You cannot be off of your path. Your path is exactly where you are, right now in this moment and in each and every moment [...]

Setting Up Your Personal Mesa

An altar, or mesa, is an extension of you.  The medicine pieces, the sacred tools (artes), how they work together on the altar and where they are placed, is an expression of you and your gifts and how you work in the world with your medicine. One incarnation of [...]

Heart Practice ~ Channeled Writing

Here is a practice that will support everyone. Sit quietly. Breathe into your belly and relax. Put your hand on your heart and repeat each phrase 3 times: "I love you. I trust you. I believe in you. I am you." Then breathe into your belly and sit quietly for [...]

Intention & Stillness in 2016

These are the cards I pulled on the evening of Dec. 31st, 2015, when I connected with the Angels in regards to my focus and energy for the coming year of 2016. My word for this Year is Stillness.  And though I feel such a deep resonance with that word [...]

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