One of the consistent questions I hear from clients is, “How do I know I’m on the right path?”


You are always on your path. You cannot be off of your path. Your path is exactly where you are, right now in this moment and in each and every moment you experience.

There will be times when you are not enjoying your path. There will be times when you feel confused on your path. There will be times when you think you must have taken a wrong exit and are not even close to a path, much less the right path. But you are always on your path, precisely where you are meant to be and it is always exactly right for you, even when you wish it was different.

What you are experiencing when you do not feel on your path is a lack of alignment to what is. Even if things are challenging right now, you are still on your path. Even if you do not have a clue what you are doing, you are still on your path. If the journey is not feeling good to you, then that is your indicator you are not in alignment with your path and it is time to pay attention to signs and indications that can support you in making changes.

Our Soul path has sign posts for us daily. Every day you receive guidance, feedback and information that supports you in making decisions that determine where you are going and how it will feel on the way. These “signs” help you to stay on track with a journey that feels good, which is how you know you are in alignment.

Unfortunately, many people do not listen to guidance or even notice the signs and so they often feel like life is simply moving them without their own ability to guide the direction. This is not the case. You are in charge of your path and you can easily begin to recognize and receive the constant support that is offered to you.

Listening to your inner guidance is key: those gut feelings you get and ignore, that intuitive insight that you feel but don’t follow through; that expansive feeling of happiness you have when you consider doing what feels true and authentic to you, but then you let fear take over and you decide not to do it. Those are just some of the ways you are receiving daily input to help you to stay in alignment with your journey.

Find time to quiet your mind through different practices that feel good to you, whether it is meditation or journaling, yoga or taking a walk. Choose at least one practice that can support you in listening to your inner guidance. Keep track of the guidance you are receiving (write it down!) and notice the synchronicities and patterns that emerge. You will be amazed how much input you receive that gives you clear focus for your path but you had not been paying attention.

peaceiseverystep - thich nhat hanh

Peace is every step. ~ Thich Nhat Hanh

Find time to connect with your guides, be they ancestors, angels, religious figures, totems, whatever resonates for you. The more intention you put into connecting with these energies, the more you will clearly hear the guidance they offer.

Self-care is also vital for walking a path that feels good and brings you joy. Get clear on what you need and create that for yourself. As you do this, you take personal responsibility, and you become much more clear about your forward movement on a path that is supportive for you and thereby also supportive for everyone else.

Set intentions. Set intentions daily, set intentions weekly, monthly, yearly. Set intentions with the moon phases or with major seasonal shifts. Make time to set intentions and let the Universe know what you are choosing. The more you focus on what you want instead of what you don’t want, the better you will feel. Focus on what you love. Focus on what feels good.

You already know what path feels amazing to you, so make the time to listen to what you intuitively understand and allow yourself to flow into the graceful alignment of the present moment of your journey. You will find your path lining up like magic and enjoying the ride.