Inspiration. That’s the angel card I pulled today before our Tobacco Ceremony.

Then I found this on the Great Oracle, aka Google:

“It turns out that the word inspiration comes from the Latin word “inspiratus,” which essentially means “breathe into.” It has been said that, before this literal meaning, the word inspiration had a theological basis that predated this definition. It initially referred to the influence of a divine entity on a person.”

All of this to say that in order to truly feel inspired, we must allow the flow of spirit, the breath of life within us, that divine spark that moves us in a way that everyday motivation cannot.

And everyday motivation does not inspire me to do much, at least not for very long or consistently.


I stopped blogging or making YouTube videos in 2020 because I no longer felt inspired. I needed to take time away from putting energy outward in certain ways. I needed to take some internal time, so I did.

For almost 3 years I took time to do other things. I went back to college as an adult to get my Bachelor’s Degree, and am now in my Senior Year! I took time to rest and do my inner work. I had a lot of do-nothing days. I just let it be okay that I no longer felt inspired to write or record videos, despite the pressure of the world to be constantly putting out new content (or whatever).

I am a Medicine Woman. I am not an influencer or social media marketer. I don’t write or create videos to garner attention. I share medicine. Therefore, I must feel that breath of Spirit flowing through me in order to get excited about sharing in those ways. My guides let me know when it’s time for what comes next, and then they bring me all of the motivation, energy, enthusiasm and ideas that I need. I don’t need to force anything. I don’t need to search. I simply allow my Guides to support me and I remember to listen.

And I’m pleased to say that I now feel inspired to share more regularly in blog form and in video form and plan to do so. Some of my shares will be more personal, like this one, and others will be about sharing plant medicine in various forms, shamanic healing work, and more.

I’m also open to what you’d like to hear more about, so comment and let me know what I can share that will empower and support you and your spiritual journey.

Last thing I’ll offer up is be easy on yourself. I’ve learned that if we aren’t feeling the inspiration to do that thing, then sometimes we aren’t meant to do that thing right now. So, if it’s not necessary to do and you’re not feeling inspired, perhaps you can let it go for now and focus on what you really need for a bit. Don’t try to force inspiration. It doesn’t feel good.

Inspiration, like the breath, requires inhale and exhale. We contract as well as expand. Sometimes the contraction phase feels long and we want to expand when we aren’t ready yet. Allow time for that contraction phase. It’s pivotal for creating depth.

Let the creativity flow back when it’s time and do your inner work/healing in the meantime. Inspiration can make all the difference!