Private Cacao Ceremonies for Groups

Ready for a unique and powerful offering at your upcoming event? Do you desire to come together as a group and level up through deep medicine work with a trained ceremonialist?

Cacao is a potent and non-psychotropic plant medicine that can support your personal and communal growth, and create deeper understanding & clarity within groups and teams, as well as friends.

With almost 25 years of experience on the path of shamanism, Bloom brings humor and groundedness to creating a special ceremony catered to the needs of your group.

Contact Bloom at with your location and what you seek to co-create.


“Thank you, thank you, a thousand thank you’s, beautiful Bloom, for sharing your gift and your presence in Cacao Ceremony today. It felt like a love bath!”

“You would have thought you were in the deep rain-forest of Peru. We began our Cacao Ceremony with Bloom Post with several ounces (you can add sweetener and cinnamon and cayenne), sipping from mugs on our journey. You can feel the Cacao as it moves through your body, and with it comes heightened awareness, putting you in a meditative or prayerful state. Our guide, Bloom, was extraordinary in that she commanded an energetic presence but still she was the essence of a hummingbird with the hummer’s wing fluttering sound to go with it. Really!
I understand that when you say Cacao everyone thinks of chocolate, but this medicinal food in pure form packs a kick and Bloom supports you to travel to pretty awesome places for answers. As a group and individually, we each awakened to answers we’d come to experience for the opening to the new year.
It was magical and yet, very purposeful! Bloom will be back to lead us again! Watch for it! Thank you, Bloom Post!”