How do I use an essence?

Place 3-4 drops on or under your tongue. Do not take with food or water. Let the drops sit in your mouth for 20-30 seconds before swallowing. If possible, take a moment to listen to the plant spirit for guidance and support.

How often should I take an essence?

Listen to your body and listen to your intuition about how often to take them.  I recommend at least once a day, without food or water.  Consistency is what brings results, so ingest the essence daily as needed.

How do you like to work with these essences?

My preference is to set my intentions when I work with a new essence.  I make prayers into the bottle when I first open it and then I take 3-4 drops each morning and night for 30 days or until the bottle is empty.  I like to start on new moon or full moon if possible.

Is it necessary to ingest the essence to get the benefit?

No, it’s not.  You can also place 3 drops on your palm or wrist and rub it in with your intention of receiving the full benefits of the plant.  You can also sprinkle drops of the essence around your home to receive support, placing the drops in specially chosen places to activate your intentions.

How do I know which essence is best for me? How do I choose plants for a personalized Special Blend?

Read over the description of how each essence can support you and then trust your gut.  Intuit which ones feel most resonant for you and start there.  If you have an affinity for a certain flower or plant, then start with that as it may be an ally or totem for you.  If you’d like to get to know a plant better, then an essence is a wonderful way to do so.

You know best what you need, so trust your instinctual feelings about which plants resonate most for you.  There are not wrong decisions as you will get exactly what you need regardless of what you order.

How many plants can be in a personalized Special Blend?

It’s best to have a maximum of 3 plants in a Special Blend, so if you’re choosing something that is already a blend, (i.e. Cacao/Jade) then please only choose 1 other essence to go with it.

What kind of alcohol is in each essence?

Brandy and spring water make up these essences.

Where do you source your flowers and plants?

Most of these essences are from the land where I live, or from the organic gardens of students and friends.  Many of the descriptions of the essences share where I connected with them.

Are any of these essences psychotropic, specifically the Ayahuasca/Chacruna and the San Pedro?

None of these essences are psychotropic.

How did you make the Hummingbird essence?

I had a Hummingbird that gifted its body to me when I found it dead in my yard.  After receiving counsel from its spirit, I made the essence without putting any part of the bird in the water.

Can I work with a Tobacco essence if I smoke?

I suggest working with one of the Tobacco essences if you are intentional about healing an addiction to smoking and shifting your relationship with this plant teacher.

How soon will my order arrive?

We try to get your essences to you within a week.  Availability of an essence, weekends and holidays can slow down shipping time.  Each package is mailed 2-day priority (within the continental United States).