How does a healing session work?

In a private healing session, I will talk with you about what your intentions are for healing and support and how to best support you during our time together. You may bring questions to the session as well.

How do I prepare for a healing session?

You do not need to do anything specific to prepare for a healing session. You may want to have water to drink to stay hydrated during the session, as well as paper/pen for notes.

What issues can you work on in a healing session?

I can work on any issues with you, including physical healing, energetic clearing, past-life work, trauma, relationship issues, parent/child relationships, family healing, connecting with your personal Spirit guides, soul retrieval, lineage healing, and more.

This work is not limited in its scope as we have infinite support in the unseen realms.

What will we do during a session?

After we have discussed what your intentions are and where you need support, I will take you on a shamanic journey to connect with your personal guides in the realms and create healing in that sacred space. I will walk you through the whole process so you do not need to know how to shamanic journey or have any experience with shamanic work to sit with me in a session.

Is this work religious?

No, this work is spiritual in nature, but is not religious in any way. People of all beliefs and philosophies are welcome to work with me.

How do I book a private session?

Click the Contact button to find the Contact page and send me an email letting me know if you prefer an in-person session or a phone session and I or my assistant will get back to you with upcoming openings.

How much does a session cost?

Sliding scale $150 – $250, allowing you to pay within that range according to your abundance, on an honor system.

How does sliding scale work?

Sliding scale is offered so that all who would like to do this work can sit with me even if they do not have a lot of money. Sliding scale means that $250 is the price that I feel the session is worth. They’re priceless in how they can support, really, but $250 is what feels good to me. Those who cannot afford that may pay less, down to $150.

How do I pay?

Click the Payments button at the bottom of the Home page of my website and fill out the Payment form and follow the directions to complete payment.