Clairvoyant and clairaudient since childhood, I received intuitive and energetic information about the people around me, as well as connecting with Guides in the unseen realms and having “supernatural” experiences.

As I grew up, I felt drawn to shamanism, spirituality and mysticism.  My first shamanic teacher, John Crawford, an Appalachian Seer, taught me how to use my abilities to begin healing my deep wounds from a traumatic childhood. He supported me in recognizing that my abilities and sensitivities were not a curse, but powerful gifts that could be of support to others.

Seeking to understand my personal wounds and the wounds of the collective, I delved extensively into studies around a deeper connection with nature, spiritual philosophies, different religions, connecting with spirit guides and animal totems, stalking my power, shapeshifting, cloaking and invisibility, energetic and psychic protection and more.

My love for healing and excavating our deepest shadow places continued to grow and expand as I sat at the feet of Native American elders, Peruvian Curanderos and Paqos, Maestro Ayahuasceros, Buddhist monks and nuns, and Hindu Swamis.  My studies have ranged from Reiki and meditation, to Ayurveda and herbalism. I am a certified Reiki Master Teacher and a 250 hour certified yoga instructor.

Over the past 20 years, I have worked & studied with plant medicines, trained in breathwork, and continue to train around the narcissist/empath connection, and how to empower empaths and highly sensitive people.   My study and focus also extends to working with Star Beings, Plant Devas (spirits of the plants), the Archangels and Ascended Masters.

I love teaching others how to more fully embody the most expansive version of themselves, connecting with your Soul’s mission and living your purpose.  This is my passion, helping you re-member who you truly are and living into your most expansive, whole, healed and joyful Self.

This is a powerful time on our beloved Mother Earth, and it is vital to live in sacred reciprocity with this planet and with each other, to create the life and the world of our dreams. Now is the time to fully embody your medicine gifts and I am here to be of service and support on your journey.

Miracles are your natural state, and it is time to disengage the limiting programs that have held you back from your fullest spiritual potential.

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