She prefers to open her flowers in the morning and evening when it’s cooler


I’m a creative gardener.  That’s what I call it anyway.  I’ve got a live and let live mentality with most of the plants in my gardens, and I do my best to plant enough to feed the critters as well.

My garden is not organized or even very well thought out.  I get a hankering for a particular thing in the Spring and that will end up in my garden.  I grow the basics of a salad, some medicinal herbs, flowers and a garden specially planted for all the pollinators.  Then I like to see what will come up on its own.

Every year my garden is a bounty of unexpected growth.  Plants re-seed themselves each year and I’m always intrigued to see what will come back.  I could end up with lots of flowers, or a whole area of rosemary, or in the case of this year forests and forests of tomato plants.

I’ve got patches of tomato plants all over my garden, none of which were planted by me this year

All this to say, I never know what I’ll have an overabundance of and it may not even be something I want.  I don’t eat tomatoes very much so having 100 plants come up isn’t what I necessarily would have asked for, but it’s a bounty that is offered to me and can be shared.

I’ve also got Datura plants coming up all over my garden.  I planted one Datura near my house a summer ago, and its seeds made it across the yard and into my garden. Now they are spreading out and starting to bloom in between the newly planted vegetables.  Do I need 15 Datura plants?  Nope.  But I trust what comes up because I find that each season, the plant medicine that is most needed by me energetically is what will grow unexpectedly in abundance around me.  One year I was inundated with Dandelions, which is great medicine for stress.  One year I had Borage everywhere, and it’s good medicine for the adrenals.  I’ve had swaths of Sunflowers that seeded themselves and I felt the uplifting blessing that my heart needed at that time.

This year my garden has been overrun with Marigolds.  Among other things, Marigold carries the energy of longevity, stamina, and sunshine.  How perfect is that for 2020!  It’s a deeply appreciated support for the year we’ve been having and has been such a light for my heart.  It’s also flower medicine of devotion, and that awareness has been on my heart this season as I create deeper relationships with my guides and teachers in the unseen realms.

They’ve taken over the entire middle of my garden, growing between the things I actually planted

2020 has been a true opportunity for finding the blessings and abundance in the unexpected.  There are things growing and flowing that are not what any of us might have wanted planted in our lives.  And yet, here we are.

We have had an overabundance of home time.  How can we make the most of that and find the blessings in not being free to get out and about as we once did?

We have had an overabundance of fear in the collective.  How can we weed that out within ourselves in a way that honors the medicine it brings?  Weeds are only plants we don’t want growing there.  Many plants considered “weeds” actually carry very powerful medicine.

We have had an overabundance of shifts and changes, abrupt endings and beginnings.  We have a world that is completely different than it once was even 6 months ago.  How do we work with this energetic garden that we had no idea was going to be growing in this way this season?

Medicine is being grown this year in the world in many ways.  Weeds are being pulled in the world.  Gardens, both literally and metaphorically, have become more important to tend, within and without.

As for the Datura that is spreading itself all over my garden, here’s a bit about the symbolic wisdom it brings:  Sacred Datura facilitates seeing beyond our present view of reality to a more comprehensive, visionary state. When appropriate, it supports us in letting go of a known or familiar reality without feeling threatened.

That might be the most appropriate energetic support I could possibly imagine for 2020!

May your garden be what you choose to plant and reap.  May you find your way with the unexpected abundance of what’s been planted by the collective and even by our unknown shadow places.  May this be the year that we learn to live with the Earth and each other in true sacred reciprocity.