There is a lot of karma rising up to be seen, acknowledged and shifted right now. 2020 isn’t just vision, it’s also hindsight, and old karma needs our attention. I’ve been having experiences that could almost be a replay of things that happened about a decade ago.

But it’s different this time, in that I have more spiritual tools and experience to respond differently. I can see the old patterns that are surfacing, coming around again, and that supports me to proactively create new patterns.

It hasn’t been easy. It’s been intense the last few weeks. Threading through the eye of the needle as we are born anew means that ego wounds can’t come along. And those ego wounds are so ingrained that it’s hard to let go.In order to clear old habits and karma, you must be willing to really look at your inner reflection and to own your piece in all of it. Personal responsibility is the key.

When you find yourself blaming others, or trying to make yourself right and make sure everyone understands, or wishing it had all played out differently, angry at others who still aren’t owning their actions, grieving what could have been, blaming yourself and taking it all in as your fault,
then it’s time for forgiveness.

Let’s start with ourselves: I forgive myself for projecting my wounds onto others, for not being aware of my shadow wounds, and for holding on to the wounds that have been projected onto me.

Then others: I forgive others for projecting their wounds onto me, for not being aware of their shadow wounds and for intentionally or unintentionally harming me due to their karma.

This is a good time to use the Lineage Karma Clearing on my YouTube channel in order to clear the karma that is holding us locked into unhealthy patterns. Click here to view this video.

It’s also important to clear cords (not cut, but clear) between you and others, including lineage, so that you can clean up the karmic patterns and live from your health and true 2020 spiritual vision, insight and awareness. Here is a link to the full cord clearing webinar on my channel.