One of my apprentices shared some wonderfully insightful questions during a recent online shamanic mentorship session. After our shamanic journey in which we connected with our word as well as with an animal to embody this word/focus for the new year of 2019, she worked with the group to journal and answer these questions that I’d like to share with you. I find these to be great questions for really bringing your intentions into focus and manifesting them, for real! and not simply an idea of an intention for the new year that never really comes to fruition.

Here are the questions that Erin created from a blend of some of the coaches she’s worked with, as well as her own insights:

1.) When did you feel the most alive in 2018? Picture the scene, the moment or memory…the smells, the sounds.

2.) What made this moment so nourishing?

3.) What is this memory nudging in you or asking of you? What does it want you to know or do?

4.) What do you want to create more of in your life?

5.) Knowing what you want to create more of in your life, what does having this in your life bring you?

6.) Ultimately, having more of this in your life allows you to feel more of something. What is it you are wanting to feel more of?

7.) What are 1 to 3 ways that you can generate more of this feeling or feelings right now?

8.) What are you most afraid to embody and what are the world and the people closest to you missing out on by you not embodying more of this?

9.) What is something you handled differently than you would have a year ago?

10.) We are always transmitting something into the world. If the truth of who we are can be transmitted, seen and heard by the world, through our very being, belief, and sound current of ourselves, what would that transmission be? How would it impact the people and the world around you?

11.) Knowing your word for 2019, what is an animal spirit or energy that you would like to embody the qualities of to support you in embracing and becoming more of what you are wanting this year? List some of those qualities.

(Coaches who helped inspire these questions: Rich Litvin, Dr. Mandy Lehto, Kendra Cunov)