Angel Cards for 2016 for meThese are the cards I pulled on the evening of Dec. 31st, 2015, when I connected with the Angels in regards to my focus and energy for the coming year of 2016.

My word for this Year is Stillness.  And though I feel such a deep resonance with that word and the energy of it, I will admit, it brings up a bit of trepidation as well.  That slight anxiety was my confirmation that this is a theme for my new year that will allow me to step out of my comfort zone, expand my journey and deepen my gifts.

Internal stillness is a potent vibration.  Bringing first focus to Be-ing before Do-ing is how we transform our own personal journeys and thusly the world.  This willingness to be still, silent and truly listen allows our Soul to receive the guidance that we are seeking daily.  When we sit quietly regularly, we begin a practice of allowing our internal guidance system to become clear and activated.  Then we can hear the messages and information that is brought to us every day with clarity and receptivity.

When I say we receive guidance and messages, I mean this literally.  Every single day you are surrounded by Guides and energies that are walking with you and available to you whenever you seek.  When you make requests and need support, they are there.  Often people have no idea they are receiving guidance, and other times they will get the answers but not realize where it came from.  They seem amazed, as if some miracle occurred.

Miracles are our natural state.  Guidance is natural and internal to us all, and connecting with this guidance system through totems and spirits is one way to gain clarity.

You can connect with Guides through shamanic journeying, oracle cards (like the angel cards I shared above), meditation, channeled journeying and ritual as well many other tools and practices.  When you set an intention to connect and make the time to do so, you will receive answers, you will receive support and you will find your own Guides and support team in the realms.

In stillness, you allow your monkey mind to slow down in order to listen from your heart.  Listening from your mind, where all the distractions and noise are, will simply create more static.  You must slow down, literally, and listen.  Let meditation and stillness become a practice for you this year.  Let yourself be fully supported by the infinite energies that surround you daily waiting on you to ask for their help.  Allow yourself to relax and be quiet, even if what comes up is not comfortable.  As you move through the discomfort, you will find clarity, joy and a deep sense of peace.  You will also find an incredibly magical world where everything is possible awaits you.

Here’s to a magical and marvelous 2016 for us all.