We had such a powerful weekend of ceremony together in the Shamanic Mentorship retreat near Asheville, NC.  High on a mountain top, we gathered together to share, connect, learn, be in ritual together, sing, dance, breathe, move, laugh, love… and eat super amazing, healthy food!

You are welcome to join our Fall Shamanic Mentorship retreat, September 21-23, which will once again be at the beautiful Prama Institute, in Marshall, NC.  Join our online community today to get to know these wonderful people:  www.BloomPostMentorship.com

“I’ve never experienced the authentic love, support, growth, and insight as I did during the retreat. Opening yourself up to your power while gaining awareness of the precious medicine that calls to you is such a personal and tender awakening.

Yet, at every step I felt supported and empowered by Bloom to challenge myself with grace and ease and to open myself up to the beautiful process. Through the retreat I gained clarity on my direction and fortitude in my intentional manifestations. I was led to recognize and own my personal medicine while inspired to share it with the world. The retreat participants quickly became part of my spirit family and the collective energies we raised vibrated so high it felt like the happiest homecoming imaginable. I was wholly accepted, honored, and heard in an environment where I could also wholly accept, honor, and hear others. I truly feel a stronger connection to myself and confidently lover her. Thank you for this amazing experience in rejuvenation.”~ Spider Story Teller, Jaguar Healer, Sacred Dancer, Devin.

“It’s impossible for me to put into words the life altering experience of this retreat.

As an introvert, this was way the hell out of my comfort zone, and more than a bit terrifying.  I didn’t even go to college, so I haven’t bunk-bedded since summer camp! But fears be damned, I was determined to learn as much as possible, and enjoy those beautiful mountains!

Over the course of the weekend, I became closer to my Guides, met new Guides, and made the acquaintance of amazingly beautiful Tobacco medicine. She sent me the most incredible vision, leaving me full of compassion for myself and everyone around me.

I haven’t told Bloom this, but during one of my journeys, I was sitting by the fire with a new guide and one of my most trusted, when they said to me (referring to Bloom), ‘She’s good. We like her.’

In the 2 days since I’ve been home, I’ve witnessed concrete evidence of my new connection with my Guides and Angels. And I feel them more strongly than ever. I just can’t even “word” how grateful I am!

But, more than that, we had so much fun! Oh my gosh, I laughed so much, and made friends with the most ridiculously badass group of women.

I am deeply honored to have been part of such a beautiful, transformative weekend.” ~ Shelley Seitz, Guardian of Animals


“Never doubt that your life can change for the better.  This past weekend 20 women, some who had been on the periphery of my being stepped directly into my life. They have forever changed who I thought I was. They have witnessed and supported a change that encompasses the physical, emotional, and spiritual. I am no longer the person I was on Friday. I am so much more and it could not have happened without them. We are forever connected. Thank you Bloom for creating such a deep soul strengthening retreat.” ~ Tracy Prater