I saved a fly’s life today.  A large house fly had come in the open back door and just could not figure out how to get back outside for a whole day and night.  When I found him (or her) the next morning, he had slowed down enough for me to catch him in a jar then put a piece of paper over the top.

He was so mad.  Buzzing about, stressed that he couldn’t get out of the jar.  I kept telling him, “It’s ok.  I’m going to save your House flylife so you don’t die in the house.  I’m putting you back outside where you want to be.  You’re going to be so happy to be outside again.”

But the fly wasn’t having it.  He was ticked off and he let me know, flying into the sides of the jar and bumping against the paper to try and find the way out.  There was no way for me, this large human creature that he had no understanding of, to explain to him, a small insect, that I was putting him in this jar for his own good.

It made me think of a cocoon, and if he could just wait in there for 30 or 40 seconds (probably a very long time in fly time), he would be safe and sound outside once again.

Then I thought of all the experiences in our lives where we feel like we are in a cocoon, or maybe even an imaginary jar, feeling stuck and trying to find our way out.  We, too, buzz about, sometimes frantically, to figure out how to get where we truly want to be.  This fly had been doing that in my house for 24 hours (definitely a long time in fly time).  But in order to get to where he really wanted to go, he needed a bit of divine intervention and to be in a confined spot for just a moment in order to gain freedom.

It may sound silly, comparing our journey to a fly, but it made me think in that moment, What if all those times when I feel stuck there is actually some divine intervention going on, if I can just relax and let the momentum carry me to where I really want to be?  Even if I’m not sure if help is coming, or what on earth is going on when I’m in that stuck place, can I just relax enough to trust?

Breathe into that possibility the next time you feel like you can’t find your next step.  What if you are simply being held by a benevolent Universe that truly does have your highest and greatest good in store?  What if that stuck place, where you don’t know what to do next, is actually the place where the shifts are happening and you are supported in unknown ways to find your way to freedom?

Breathe into that possibility the next time you hear a fly buzzing around the room.  And, if you don’t mind, I’d be grateful if you would help the little winged one find its way back outside.