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Retreats, Rebirth and Renewal in Challenging Times

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There is SO much more than the daily grind, so much more than the mundane.

We live in a world that can feel chaotic, overwhelming, out of control and confusing.

Daily we see things happening in the news that are catastrophic and make no sense to our rational minds.  Often this world seems to be spinning out of control due to the behavior of humans and we know we need to do something but aren’t sure how to help.

This is why I’ve created the Birth Your Authentic Soul Self retreat for those who are in (or join soon) my online Shamanic Mentorship.  Healing yourself is the first step to healing the world, and it begins by living into your personal power, your authentic soul self, and living your divine mission with courage.

What does it mean to birth your authentic soul self?  And why is this important?

Waking up in this dream; awareness of your authentic soul self;  living into your full divine mission;  connecting, ritual, these are ways you can create shifts on this Earth.  These are ways you can be the change you wish to see in the world.

In general, most humans are asleep and unaware of how much they’re living in a trance.  Many people go day in and day out doing things without thinking, without intention, without realizing *why* they are doing what they do.  There are programs that we run internally that inform our decisions, our thinking and our behaviors, yet often we don’t even realize that we are running these programs, many of which are no longer supportive or helpful.

Coming together in community to be witnessed, to share, to support, is vital.  Surrounding yourself with those who resonate and can hold space for your transformation is powerful and desperately needed in this world that creates so much duality and separation.  Learning practices and tools that can support you in creating intention, working with personal rituals for empowerment and self-healing, and walking your authentic soul path are all deeply needed in order to transform yourself and the world around you.

These are powerful times and you are a powerful being of light, ready to stand in your expansiveness and shine a light that vibrates out through the world.

Thank you for joining me and this community in creating true transformation, in a tangible and potent way… together.