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Wesak Full Moon

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Buddha-Cats-4The first Full Moon in May is the Wesak (Vesak) Moon. A very powerful and auspicious day to make prayers.
“Today is the holiest day of the Buddhist year. On the full moon of May the Buddha was born, attained enlightenment, and died, passing into nirvana. Because of the immense positive energy of these acts, it is said the energy carries to today. So today the effects of positive (and negative) actions are said to be multiplied 10 million times. It is a wonderful day to check oneself, refine our actions of body, speech, and mind to become better. If we think that every action is multiplied 10 million times, then we become very aware, mindful of what we do that is positive, and what is not helpful. So then we practice to increase the positive to bring benefit to the world, others, and ourselves. And to reduce what is harmful. This “upgrade” can then carry over into our daily lives.” Rigzin Tromge