The way you see the world is how you will feel.  What is reflected to you is how you are already seeing the world around you, so when you are feeling good that is a reflection of how you are perceiving your experience.

How you feel is how you will see the world.  These things are linked and it goes both ways.  Everything is a vibration, a reflection, a ripple in a pond, so that there is mirroring of energies.  That is why when you feel good you see good around you, and when you see good around you then you feel good.  This goes for seeing and feeling negative as well.

The world around you does not need to affect how you feel on the inside, when you are not enmeshed in the stories of your human experience.  However, that can be challenging for humans because they are very caught up in their physical understanding.

The physical experience of this world is meant to be a reflection that can help you learn, remember, understand.  Everything around you is a reflection of you and you are a reflection of everything.  We mean this literally even though you perceive yourself as individuals who are very different than much of your surroundings.

We see you as pure energy vibration, so we can perceive the reflections happening on your planet.  For us you are like a ball of light bumping into other balls of light and perceiving which ones you like to be around and which ones you don’t.  Then you make decisions based on those feelings.  It’s not quite that simple but that is one way to talk about it.

You’re all connected within the vibrational frequency.  This is where gifts like being psychic come from.  This is why you are inherently intuitive and empathic as a species.  Since you’re connected within this frequency, of course you would be able to feel, see and perceive things about each other without having to talk.

Talking disperses energy.  There’s nothing wrong with talking or with dispersing energy, however you live in a world that loves to keep the energy fragmented because it keeps things feeling chaotic.  If things are chaotic then you have purpose because you have things to fix or work out or figure out.  It is best to be quiet whenever possible and allow the energy to be still.  This amplifies your vibration and is a great support to your kind.

A good way to practice linking in with this natural connection is to meditate and especially to sit quietly in the woods or a place in nature and listen.  By spending time in the natural world, you are gently opening yourself to the natural vibrations that are always present and this will support you to link with the connection vibration of all beings.