Ancestors are a wonderful way to read patterns.  When you tap in with the patterns of your lineage then you will be able to see what you would like to continue and what you would like to shift.

Everything is in patterns, so your lineage, your DNA, your family is a wonderful way to recognize what has been working within your experience for years and years, even before you were born into physical form.  Once you see this, you can determine what you would like to heal and what you would like to amplify.

Your DNA carries the messages that your family has been carrying for generation upon generation.  These messages shift and change based on many factors of each person’s life experience.  Yet, you will notice that certain messages keep getting passed down and these will become the bigger patterns.  Sometimes the messages are helpful and supportive to your family and sometimes they are not.  Often fear messages will get passed down that then become manifested into physical form through health issues, family dysfunction, inability to move beyond certain circumstances, and more.

Each of you carries a code that is part of your makeup.  This code within you can shift and change as you take in certain understandings and beliefs.  This is why it is important to be aware and conscious of what you believe and if it truly supports your highest good, and also who you surround yourself with.  What you eat, how you live your life, all of these things are part of what affect your personal code and your personal code is the inner key of your very existence.  So, needless to say, it’s important to take care of your internal vibration which houses this personal code.

The messages that get passed down in your lineage also affect your personal code.  You can grow up carrying certain messages and not even realize it unless you wake up to them and recognize that you are behaving in ways that are not necessarily what you want but that have been encoded into you through the DNA, passed down by ancestors.

What we are talking about is done without intellectual knowledge that it’s happening.  Very few on your planet realize how much they are passing down to their children or receiving from their parents long before the child is even born.  They may see the characteristics of DNA like eye color and height, etc., but they do not fully understand the vibrational encoding that is happening within your entire family line.

When someone in the family line recognizes this and can set intention to shift things consciously, then the entire vibration can rewire, and the personal code of that person can be pro-actively worked with as well.  This is a great way to bring healing to your family line, even those who are no longer on the planet.  There is much that can be worked with that is unseen to the human eye because your very existence is based on energy that is unseen by all of you.

Top Image: Awake could be so beautiful by Cameron Gray