Rabbit came to me in the dreamtime and whispered in my ear,
“I bring the lesson of stillness when the season calls for the quiet in the depths of Mother Gaia.
I bring the promise of the light and fertility of wonder that you embody in the Spring.
My heart is always aware of what surrounds me, and consciousness is my guide.


I offer you shelter in the storm and trust that all is well, regardless of the circumstances that may swirl around you.

My vision is sharp, my legs are strong, and I share with you from the eternal knowing that is your birthright.

I offer you this promise, daughter of Gaia,
You are beloved of our Mother and a carrier of the light of the Soul,
which can never be taken or destroyed.

You are beloved of our Rabbit nation, and a dreamer of the prosperity and fertility that belongs to all, deep in their hearts.

You are beloved of the Star tribe, and a representative of all that is celestial on this Earth.
Each of you are daughters and sons of the Eternal Knowing, that resides within the flame of your hearts.
Be of great courage, daughter of Gaia.

You are Beloved.”

~ Bloom Post, 2016

May this new year bring each of you into the depths of your heart, your expansiveness and your good medicine.

Deepest blessings to you all for a beautiful turning of the sun.