Not everyone is meant for your journey; meaning, not everyone is meant to be in, or stay in, your story.  You are each weaving a web, many webs actually, but these webs don’t always interact or cross over each other, and that is at it should be.

What is more important to focus on is those who are currently in your story and those who feel good to have in your story.  As you focus on them, then you get more of what you like flowing into your field.

It’s easy to get distracted by those who upset you.  Your kind love to be upset and so you tend to focus on the drama and the triggers, rather than focusing on those who are kind and supportive and feel good to be around.  Some of you are even so focused on what you don’t like that you are drawn to those who don’t feel good to be around, while at the same time claiming you don’t want to be around them.

There are always going to be those who are not in alignment with your journey, which is ok.  Do not expect yourself to be in love with every human being in the world.  This is not your purpose here.  It’s not the point at all.  You have misunderstood the directive to “love one another” as if this now means you must always love others, no matter what.  That is not what that means at all.

You would do better to keep your energy clear and simply love yourself without attachment or distraction.  That would be of great service to the world.  That would empower others to love themselves, too, without you having to focus your energy outside yourself at all.

Once you focus your energy outside of yourself, for any reason, you will lose focus on your directive, on your purpose.  This is hard for your kind to understand.  You are so focused on the physical experience around you and the stories that you all write, that it can be hard for you to really, truly focus internally without comparison, judgment or criticism.

There’s really no need to pay attention to what others are doing.  It’s really as simple as that.