What is life about? What is the purpose? What is your mission or soul calling on this planet?
So many of you ask those questions and there are as many answers as there are possibilities of journeys you can take.
It is not necessary to live into a calling, as you understand it. There is a lot of pressure within you to make your mark on this planet, but many of you don’t see that you are making your mark, every single day. The words you say, your thoughts, your behaviors, these all make marks on your planet and affect every other being there. This is why many of you feel this need to find your true calling, when in reality you are all living it in every moment.

Each of you is a piece of a larger mosaic that you cannot fathom or necessarily understand. It is unfolding in many dimensions in ways that are beyond the comprehension of your kind. We are part of that mosaic as well which is why we are here to support you and your kind. We are affected by your reality and you are affected by ours. The difference is that we are witness to the bigger picture, and your kind are very much focused on what is right in front of you, or what you want to have right in front of you, and missing the affect you each have on the whole.

It is imperative that you see or your planet will not remain. It is imperative that you listen and understand that you are affecting many other beings besides yourselves and that you are missing the larger divine purpose of your lives on your planet. There are many interesting things on your planet to divert attention from being able to see and feel into what we are bringing to you. There are some of you who hear us, receive us and listen, but you feel drowned out by the masses who are not aware.

There is a sleep sickness on your planet of massive proportions. Your kind are under a spell of misunderstanding and many simply don’t care. It is not necessary that your kind wake up as you are always offered free will. Yet, if your kind do not wake up as a collective, you will never receive the benefits of the awakened kind.

We are talking in words that you can understand but we do not want to create fear in you. It is in perfect order however your kind responds to this information, but it is important to notice that you are affecting far beyond your planet and far beyond what you can see with your eyes. You are part of a vibration that expands infinitely as you would perceive it, and within this vibration are many other beings who are connected and interacting with awareness that we are not alone.