If you wanted to do it every day it wouldn’t be called a practice, it would just be your daily life.

A practice is an opportunity to push through when you “don’t feel like it” and to support yourself through consistently finding time to be present to what you are practicing.

A practice is an opportunity to step up and be present with yourself in a new way, a bigger way and to level up from the consistency of holding yourself accountable.

When you show up anyway, regardless of how you feel, then you learn to stop riding the roller coaster of emotions and the roller coaster of your life, and truly be a warrior.  We don’t mean warrior in the fighting sense.  We mean a warrior of energy, able to ride the waves without being distracted or pulled down by the current.  This is something you must practice for, and showing up regularly to be present is the start.

What the practice is does not matter so much as simply having a daily practice.  The point is to be with your practice in such a way that you step out of your normal routine and meet yourself in a new way.  You begin to vibrate differently, you start to see and hear differently.  Everything is the same and yet nothing is the same.  These are some of the gifts of a daily practice.

A daily practice also brings you into stillness, and we have already shared how important stillness is.  Your personal practice becomes your meditation, your song, your story, and you want to write a story, bit by bit, that feels good and deep.  Consistency brings depth.

Even when you want to quit, or want to stop halfway through, when you can call yourself forth and muster the will to continue and complete then you will feel a satisfaction that eventually brings liberation.

Success is not based on what you accomplish.  There are many who accomplish a lot and are still not successful, or happy, or content.

Success is based on how you feel.  Are you free?  Truly free?  Are you content, regardless of outcome?  Are you liberated from the inside out?  This is the definition of success.

Because anything you accomplish in this world is fleeting and will pass.  What remains is how you lived within yourself.