This morning I found a dead mourning dove in my yard, near where I feed the birds. Another dove was close by, waiting.
I understand circle of life and all that, but it made me sad to see the other dove sitting so close to its dead companion without leaving, even though all the other birds had flown away.

They have the sweetest small ring of color around their eyes. The one I found this morning had a light blue-white ring.
Their feathers, especially tail feathers, are much more colorful when seen close up. My friend looked just like the dove in this photo, bright reddish-pink feet as well.

Whenever I find an animal dead, it is a powerful reminder to connect with its medicine and receive the gifts that it wants to share.Mourning Dove
Dove is a messenger of peace, as well as representing maternity and femininity. They are sacred with the Goddess Aphrodite or Venus, the Goddess of Love, and family is important in Dove medicine.

Dove can also represent travel, or moving to a new home.
(I happen to be moving to a new home this weekend).
When Dove appears it can represent unexpected support coming to aid you, a new relationship may begin (or an old one rekindled), and the energies of life are going to become more serene.

Thank you dear Mourning Doves for your calm and gentle medicine, your goddess gifts and your offerings to us all.
May we walk gently this day on our Mother, Earth, and may we honor all beings with the same gentleness you offer to us.