The other night I dreamed of huge spider webs draped between branches, taller than me and very wide. When I accidentally bumped into one of the branches which shook the web, lots of large Black Widow Spiders starting coming out, showing themselves. After seeing a Black Widow in a pile of bricks in my yard, and then this dream, I wanted to share some totem info for this beautiful being.

Black Widow

When Black Widow Shows Up It Means:
It’s time for a fresh perspective on what you’re doing, perhaps even a perspective that’s contrary to your usual way of thinking and seeing things.
Your intuitive powers are very strong now, so pay closer attention to the subtle sensations in your body rather than relying solely on what meets the eye.
You’ve done the hard work, now be patient and wait expectantly for the rewards that will come.
There’s soon to be a substantial shift in the direction of your life, with a beneficial and renewed sense of purpose.
This is a good time to do a dietary cleanse and detoxification to clear out any toxicity or pollutants in your body.
Be direct and straightforward in all of your dealings, rather than dancing around the issues.
What you once thought of as threatening is really quite harmless, so there’s no need to fear.
There’s a situation you’re involved in where it will work better for you to remain in the background.

From “Animal Spirit Guides” by Steven Farmer