You are but a drop in the ocean of humanity.  Like a pond with ripples, each of you is in those vortexes swirling out and out and out.  None of you are the whole pond.  None of you are the circle of water expanding and contracting.  Each of you is simply another drop of water in the larger body that is Oneness.

No one is more special than you and you are not more special than anyone else.  There is no such thing as special.  That is a human judgment, an idea; it is not a tangible thing.

None of you are better or worse than the other.  You are all equally the vibration that moves and flows, ever expanding and contracting, like the breath.

Because you are not better than anyone, you can relax.  Nothing carries meaning unless you assign it, so you can do what you love and simply focus on that.

Because no one is better than you, you can relax.  Nothing is better than you unless you decide that it is.  This is all created in your mind due to stories and misunderstandings that have been passed down and perpetuated.

Each of you wants life to have meaning and you want to have purpose.  You want to find your own special purpose.  This is where fame gains its traction.  This is where social media blossoms, because everyone wants to be seen and received as having their special place in the world.

When you are simply the water, there is no need for that kind of recognition.  You are simply living in the moment, fully present to being.  This is freedom.  This is true liberation.

In order to fully live, you must go within.  Focusing outside of you will always create more stories and stress.  Focusing outside of yourself will always lead you away from what you truly wish to achieve.  There is no lasting happiness in grasping beyond you.  This will never open the doors of perception and understanding.

When you can let go of needing to find your purpose; when you can let go of needing to achieve and be special, then you can fully live.  You can simply embrace each moment as it comes and be fully present to it.  You can see each person, each being, every experience as another drop of water in the great ocean of life and all will be the same.  All will be in equanimity, balance and harmony because you are not comparing one drop of water to another drop of water.  In reality, all drops of water are the same.

When you can find the sameness in everyone and everything, then you will be at peace.  You will no longer judge yourself or others.  You will no longer feel judged.  You will be able to relax and not be attached.  You will not try to control your life so tightly in order to make sure you achieve the goal that you perceive to be somewhere on your path before you die.  You will no longer fear death.

In death, all become Oneness once again in such a way that you do not experience separateness or attachment.  Experience that now, in human divine form, and feel the freedom of that while you are on the Earth.