Keywords: Visions, Astral Projection, Dreams, Bitterness, Divination, Protection, Gut

When You Connect with Wormwood it means:

You will soon receive relief from the petty little irritations that have been overwhelming you.

Your ability to travel through the realms is opening up now and things could feel a bit otherworldly and surreal in your daily life for a time.

Find ways to work with the disappointments of life and create forgiveness in order to find the lessons so that you do not end up with regrets.

Things that were once unclear and cloudy to you will soon become very obvious as you’ll be able to see through veils of illusion and falsehood.

You are protected from negative energies or psychic attack at this time so don’t allow defensiveness to push others away.

Setting Intentions with Wormwood:

Heal any personal wounds around children, childbirth, abortion or your own birth.

Take care of your gut and intestinal health and if it’s appropriate, consider a detox that can clear parasites and toxins.

Cleanse your home and work space of any energies that feel agitating or less than peaceful.

Connect with your own personal sense of magic and divination in ways that feel resonant to you.

Keep a journal to remember the guidance and information you’re receiving in dreams right now or in your waking visions.

If Wormwood is a Totem for you:

You cut through illusions quickly and get to the heart of the matter, in your own life and with others.

Life has not always been easy for you and it’s a practice to maintain a sense of positivity despite the challenges you’ve experienced.

You are psychic and highly intuitive, with a gift for seeing into the realms and opening up the dimensions.

Your personality can be a bit intense and not everyone will take the time to get to know and appreciate you because of it.

Your core is strong and you have a powerful sense of self which supports you in sharing your magic and medicine without worrying about what others think.

Though having children may not be a priority for you, there is a protective, nurturing energy within you if others need help.

From Plant Spirit Totems, by Bloom Post, to be published 2017.

Copyrighted.  Do not use without permission of author.