Keywords: Embodiment, Rest, Relaxation, Calm, Fidelity, Well-being, Harmony, Intuition

When You Connect with Skullcap it means:

It’s important to stay present in your physical form, even when you are traveling in the realms.

Your psychic gift and ability to connect with Spirit is amplifying at this time and your crown chakra is opening to more clearly receive from your guides.

You are coming into a restorative time of peace and balance.

Get out of your head and stop overthinking, and bring your energetic focus down into your entire body.

When you are grounded and balanced, you have powerful gifts that are a beacon to others and can support them in fully stepping into their highest frequencies.

Setting Intentions with Skullcap:

Sit on the ground with an intention to come more fully into your body and ground into the Earth like a great tree with deep roots.

Spend time in water to connect with the healing properties and flow of its energy.

Make a study of orgonite and work with this to support the clearing of any electromagnetic frequencies that are in your sphere.

Take time to nap as often as you need and create self-care through lots of rest.

Meditate with a focus on your crown chakra and opening to the vibrations that can support your highest good.

If Skullcap is a Totem for you:

One of your gifts is to hold and support the rising energies where you are on the planet, without feeling overwhelmed.

You are loyal in relationships and prefer a monogamous partnership with someone equally loyal.

Water is a powerful element for you and one of your most healing and nourishing allies.

Others seek you out for your ability to walk between the realms and receive psychic, intuitive information.

You love to sleep and you revel in the mornings that you can sleep in and relax all day.

From Plant Spirit Totems, being published September 2017.

Copyrighted.  Use only with permission of author.