Keywords: Softness, Patience, Humility, Connection, Wealth, Faeries, Mothering, Shadow

When You Connect with Moss it means:

If there is an idea or dream you want to grow into fruition at this time, keep it close to your heart and don’t tell others about it until you feel ready.

Magic is close but may not be obvious so keep an eye out for the unexpected.

Be gentle with yourself and your healing process, not judging your journey and how things are meant to unfold.

This is a potent time to explore your shadow side and integrate the places you don’t necessarily like about yourself into pure love.

Relax and allow prosperity and abundance of all kinds to flow to you because your vibration is one of trust and a willingness to receive.

Setting Intentions with Moss:

Spend quality time in the forest, especially shady areas, connecting with the energy there.

Find mossy areas and leave shiny, pretty gifts for faeries to honor their magic and let them know you want to connect.

Lie down on the ground and allow yourself to completely relax and become one with the Earth.

Meditate with a focus on your root chakra to embody grounding and connection.

Create a personal ritual to invoke the manifestation of things you have been waiting for, honoring your dreams and then letting go of any expectations.

If Moss is a Totem for you:

You do your best work behind the scenes and are not one to seek the spotlight.

Faeries and magical creatures are drawn to your energy and enjoy being around you.

Your energy is nurturing and gentle to others and brings a sense of sweet Mother support.

You are at peace with your shadow aspects and do not fear the places that others perceive as dark.

You’re patient and at peace with your journey, allowing yourself all the time you need to grow and explore without forcing anything.

You’ve got your own way of expanding and moving forward and like to do things a little differently than others.

From Plant Spirit Totems.  Copyrighted.  Use only with permission of author.