Keywords: Relaxation, Opening, Trust, Joviality, Social, Ceremony, Community, Consciousness

When You Connect with Kava Kava it means:

It’s time to let down your guard with others so that you can more deeply connect with community.

You are entering into a time of expanding consciousness where you’ll feel your connection to Spirit opening.

Relax, rest and sleep, allowing yourself to heal and restore your energy.

Spend time with community in sacred space, especially intentional ceremonies.

Honor the balance of your divine feminine and masculine energies, not letting either aspect take over the other.

Setting Intentions with Kava Kava:

Connect with the energy of Polynesia and Melanesia.

Surround yourself with island energy or visit an island if possible.

Create personal ceremonies and rituals that feel supportive to your integration, relaxation and deeper understanding of connection.

Connect with women and create more intentional friendships and personal relationships with females at this time.

Make an effort to live in community, finding your own village of people you feel a resonance with.

If Kava Kava is a Totem for you:

You are a natural peacemaker, helping people to feel relaxed and at ease.

Sacred space and ceremony is more important to you then the daily grind of a day job.

Community connection is vital for your mental and emotional well-being.

You have a gift of divination and connecting with clear guidance from Source.

The ocean and island energy is deep medicine for you and a power place.