tree-of-heavenKeywords: Resilience, Boundaries, Movement, Transitory, Attachments, Travel

When You Connect with Tree of Heaven it means:

You are being called to focus on self-love, and stop seeking approval from others.

Create clear and obvious boundaries with anyone and anything that does not support your highest good.

Be aware of any projections you may be focusing onto others that are really about you.

Make sure you are surrounding yourself with only those people who truly understand you, appreciate your gifts and honor you.

This is a good time to travel, or possibly even move your home.

Setting Intentions with Tree of Heaven:

Be gentle with yourself and aware of any self-criticism.

Actively create an energetic boundary around yourself and your home so that you can feel free and clear in your own energy without intrusions from others.

Make sure you are keeping healthy boundaries with others and not creeping into their personal space without permission.

Work intentionally with smells that resonate with you for healing, support and tranquility.

Do not make yourself small in order to appease others who do not move at your pace.

If Tree of Heaven is a Totem for you:

When you set your mind to something and focus on it, you can manifest and create tangible results incredibly fast.

Others often have a hard time keeping up with your growth.

As a general rule, you are misunderstood and not always appreciated for your gifts.

You are incredibly resilient and emotionally indestructible, not easily letting things get to you or allowing blocks to impede your progress.

Boundaries are a challenge for you, so it’s important that you are aware of any aggressive behavior that you may impose upon others or their personal space.

From the book, Plant Spirit Totems. Copyrighted Bloom Post. Do not use without permission of author.