Keywords: Knowledge, Rebirth, Sun, Fire, Shapeshifter, Depth, Ancient, Nourishment

When You Connect with Madrone it means:

Regularly let go of any emotional baggage that is impeding your growth.

Keep your face toward the light and you will find your way, and your strength.

Be prepared for twists and turns on your journey in the coming days and weeks.

Create deep energetic roots at this time to support whatever is coming up in your life, and trust that these roots will support you.

Stop dieting and judging your physical form. Learn to love and nourish your body.

Setting Intentions with Madrone:

Create a ritual utilizing the element of fire, to support you in receiving renewed clarity by letting go of what no longer serves you.

Work with the medicine of snake and the shedding of old skin that no longer fits your current embodiment.

Meditate with a focus on your solar plexus and your connection with the sun.

Practice grounding your energy by sending energetic roots deep into the center of Mother Gaia.

Invoke support from Divine Mother to receive nourishment, nurturing and unconditional love.

If Madrone is a Totem for you:

Like a Phoenix, you are able to rise from the ashes and be reborn.

One of your many gifts is to reinvent yourself as often as you like, in order to bring fresh energy to whatever you do.

Once you’ve rooted down into a place you love, you prefer to stay put and have a consistent home-space.

You are the glue that holds your friends, inner circle or community together.

When there is a challenging or traumatic situation, you are one of the first to bounce back and bring new life into moving forward.

You carry the healing energy of Divine Mother.