Keywords: Perseverance, Resilience, Patience, Individuality, Non-attachment, Maturity

When You Connect with Joshua Tree it means:

Remain true to who you are, your true nature and how you prefer to do things.

Slow down, take your time and do not rush into anything right now.

This is a lean time for you, but it can bring a different kind of growth and understanding.

Turn toward your future and achieve a new orientation to call forth the full expression of your Soul individuality.

Your journey will bring many twists and turns, but each one offers it’s own reward.

Setting Intentions with Joshua Tree:

Rethink and possibly let go of any long-term attachments that are weighing you down and are no longer supportive for you.

Find a balance of community time and alone time.

Make prayers or create a ritual to lovingly forgive any past issues with family members and heal family karma.

Be patient with yourself and your own sense of timing.

Pay attention to the phases of the moon and how this affects your energy and emotions, and bring more awareness to your connection with the moon.

If Joshua Tree is a Totem for you:

Your gifts and talents come to fruition later in life and after much learning and maturity.

The moon is a powerful symbol and ally for you and night time is a potent time for your creative vision.

You’ve found a way to balance receiving what you need while also not getting too attached to anything.

The way you help and support others is not typical, and you are not concerned with what others expect from you.

It’s not necessary for you to have a lot of nurturing to thrive.

Once you’ve achieved success in something, you prefer to move in a new direction and find new goals.

From the soon to be published book, Plant Spirit Totems.

Copyrighted.  Use only with permission of author.