Black Nightshade flowersKeywords: Understanding, Compassion, Self-Worth, Misunderstood, Positive Body Image, Femininity, Motherhood

When You Connect with Black Nightshade it means:

Time to fully enjoy your physical form and find deep appreciation for your body.

Make time for sensual and sexual pleasures.

The energy of birth is coming into your life, through a child or through a creative or business pursuit.

It is important to nurture yourself and allow yourself to be nurtured by others.

Don’t be fooled by the fear of others. Trust your instincts and find the medicine in all things.

Eat a more balanced diet to support your digestive system.

Setting Intentions with Black Nightshade:

Work with affirmations to embody gratitude for your body and self-appreciation.

Get some bodywork and other forms of self-care.

Connect with your mom, or a mother figure, through a phone call or email.

Refocus to find the good in all things, for even when something is called poisonous, it carries medicine.

Work with Kwan Yin, Goddess of Compassion, to be more gentle with yourself.

If Black Nightshade is a Totem for you:

You are comfortable in your body and enjoy the physical experience of being in human form.

Regardless of how you identify as a gender, you are deeply in touch with your sacred feminine aspects.

Though you are generally confidant, you often feel misunderstood by others.

Divine Mother is your archetype and you enjoy nurturing and nourishing those you love.

You have a strong constitution and are able to eat just about anything without stomach upset.

Excerpted from the book Plant Spirit Totems by Bloom Post.

Copyrighted. Use only with permission of author.