Ash Tree

Keywords: Magic, Sorcery, Healing, Enchantment, Celestial realms, Expansion, Growth

When You Connect with the Ash Tree it means:

Your life is going to expand to great heights as well as great depths, so breathe deep and enjoy the journey.

Psychic energies are increasing for you now and your ability to connect with your psychic gifts is greatly enhanced.

Dress up and show off your looks to gain the attention of those who may not have noticed you before.

It’s time to expand your worldview through travel, study, or simply by making an effort to get to know those who are out of your typical social circle.

Make a study of the magical properties of herbs and forest plants.

Setting Intentions with the Ash Tree:

Meditate and work with practices that will empower you to ground your energy as well as expand into cosmic dimensions.

Clean up your home, office and sacred space to allow room for prosperity and abundance to flow in.

Imagine a bubble of light around you at this time, always protecting you from any dark energies others may send your way.

If you are feeling lonely, make time with others that you care about and also get to know new people.

Visualize the entire world surrounded in light, protected, healed and held in love.

If the Ash Tree is a Totem for you:

You are the bridge between all worlds and are able to easily move in and out of various types of situations, experiences and opportunities.

Though you tend to remain level-headed, if pushed too far you can respond with great force to protect yourself and others.

Others respect you and hold you in high esteem, looking to you for balanced and fair feedback.

Your Soul carries ancient, magical awareness and energy, and you are energetically connected to a long line of those who work magic.

You like to stay out of the spotlight so that you can work your personal magic without obstruction.

From the soon to be published book Plant Spirit Totems.

Copyrighted. Use only with permission of the author.