Keywords: Memory, Cleansing, Embodiment, Faithfulness, Movement, Warmth, Magic, Healing

When You Connect with Rosemary it means:

Memories may rise to the surface now, allowing you to revisit and heal any old wounds or challenges.

A new romantic love interest could be on their way.

It’s time to fully appreciate and incarnate into your human, physical form and experience true embodiment on this journey.

Make a thorough clearing of stagnant and toxic energies that are not supportive to you.

Spend time at the ocean to receive healing and restoration, allowing the salt water to cleanse any stagnant energy.

Setting Intentions with Rosemary:

Get more physical movement happening in your world, supporting flow and circulation in your body.

Make amends with anyone you cheated on or someone who cheated on you, or a person you were not faithful to in some way.

Create a personal ritual honoring your physical experience and recommit to being on this planet in human form.

Dance as much as possible.

Work with the totem of Elephant to empower remembering.

If Rosemary is a Totem for you:

Faithful in love and marriage, you are a thoughtful partner in relationship and prefer monogamy and steadfastness.

You are a gifted and magical healer with the ability to clear toxic energies and entities.

Movement is an important aspect of your healing and learning journey.

You’ve got a great memory and a gift for details, while also needing to let go of past hurts that you remember.

The ocean is a power place for you and a teacher.

From the soon to be published book, Plant Spirit Totems.

Copyrighted, use only with permission of author.