What is your heart?
What is your magic?
What is your breath?
What is alive in your world?
Are you listening?
The answers are within you.
All that surrounds you is within you.
All that you see is you.
Look inside yourself to receive.
Look inside yourself to know.
Look inside yourself for vision.
You will not find the answers outside of yourself.
Even if you perceive them outside of you, it is merely a reflection of your internal.
You are the answers.
You are the light you seek.
You are the one you are looking for.
All else is a mirror of you.
All else is a mirror of your beauty, your light, your shadow, your divinity, your story.
All is beauty, if you decide it is.
All is choice.
All is you.
You are amazing.
I see you.
I believe in you.
I believe in you even when I can not believe in anything else.
I believe in your light, your goodness, your heart.
I know you are magic, because I see the reflection within myself.
I feel the world as alive, heart beating everywhere.
This alive world speaks to us, through the trees, the sky, the birds, the rain, the air, the sounds, the fire, through all things be they man-made or of nature.
Are you listening?
You are a shaman when you believe you are.
You are whatever you believe.
You will write your story, regardless of whether you are conscious of writing or not.
What story are you writing today?
What magic is within you?