I had a Vision.

I was sitting in a jungle, on a rock-face, overlooking a beautiful lake.
I heard a low grumble behind me and turned around to see a sleek, strong jaguar.

Immediately I turned away. I thought, “Don’t look it in the eyes so it doesn’t think you’re trying to be the Alpha. Just look away and be very still.”
Looking straight down, I could feel myself starting to shake. My heart began to pound in my chest and sweat broke out in tiny drops on my forehead.
I heard the jaguar walking toward me. It stood only a few feet away to my right side, its head just above my eye level. It began to growl at me, slowly getting louder. Finally it roared at me.
I turned my head and looked the jaguar straight in the eye.
With my heart still pounding, I said, “If you are going to kill me, I am going to look you in the eye while you do it.”

The jaguar stood still and breathed heavily.
Then he quietly walked toward me. I could feel his breath on my cheek as he leaned forward and licked my face.
Then he walked away, slowly, confidently, disappearing into the jungle.