What is your magic? Do you realize that you are a magical being?
Do you know what you are capable of and the personal Power that you carry within?

I mean it.
These are not rhetorical questions.
Where is your magic? Have you forgotten how magical you are?

Magic is a state of being, a way of living in the world that transcends the mundane, yet is very much connected with daily life.

Magic is the intersection of awareness, recognition, remembering, openness, allowance and flow.
Magic is being willing to allow for all that you once thought impossible.
Magic is personal responsibility once you recognize that you are the Creator of your experience.
Magic is staying aware of the layers of energies available to you, all the time, though unseen by most.
Magic is staying open to what is possible and letting yourself fall in love with your life, regardless of the initiations you’ve walked through.
Magic is flow. Your life will flow with ease, even within the challenges, as you learn to navigate with a wider perception and a deeper sense of what you are able to manifest from your own vibrations and thoughts.

Magic comes about from your belief.
Do you trust yourself?
Do you trust your gifts?
Do you trust yourself to open up to what is around you, offering you support, and opening your inner sight?
Are you willing to truly see?

Because the psychic vista opens up worlds to you, it can be a frightening prospect when you want to stay attached to all that you hold dear, for fear of letting go.
Needing to understand, needing to be right, needing to know, are all blocks to your magic.

Magic is in the unknown, the unknowable and the questions.

You are magic.