This beautiful planet, Earth, that we call home, is very much alive.  She is on her own path of ascension and is awake, aware and growing, just as we are.

Recently in my Online Shamanic Mentorship, I shared a soul retrieval on behalf of Earth, as well as all beings on this planet, past/present/future, and I’d like to share this particular offering with you all, publicly (in an audio-only version).

Journey to the birth of our planet, through to present day.  Connect to other lightworkers sharing their gifts on this planet, feel yourself as a star-being, long before you incarnated as human, and experience our planet before anyone or anything was here.  Then continue the journey with us far into the future, when it is time for our beloved Earth Mother to die, to transition as we all do, and bring your healing medicine to this powerful shift, allowing grace, ease and acceptance of the temporal nature of all things.

At the end of our journey, find your way of authentically honoring and being in devotion to this Earth, and to all beings.

Soul retrieval is an important aspect of deeply healing long-held wounds and bringing your Self back into full alignment and wholeness.  What better way to truly connected in personal relationship with this planet than to offer her the same healing that we need.

Devotion is central to our spiritual path and this offering is shared in devotion to our beloved Pachamama, Mother Earth, as well as to empowering you to be in devotion in a way that truly feeds your Soul and heals our planet.



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