I’m interested in working with those who have fire in their eyes.

I’m interested in teaching those who are hungry for learning.

Showing up fully committed is powerful, and I want to empower and support those who are truly showing up for themselves and their transformation.

Half-ass is so incredibly boring.  Don’t even bring that into my sphere.  I have no interest in enabling anyone to stay tuned to your originally scheduled programming.

Do not step up to me unless you are fully prepared to receive big reflection and ready to take full responsibility for healing your life.

I’m not expecting anyone who works with me to have it all figured out.  That doesn’t even exist.

I am expecting anyone who wants to work with me to commit, fully, and immerse yourself in the possibility of what we can co-create.

This is not work for those who are part-time.  This is medicine work.  This is life-changing.

Show up or move on.  I am living my mission and will not be distracted.

If you are ready to live fully into your Soul mission on this planet, then now is the time to fully commit.  What are you waiting for?