Skullcap Spirit Medicine

Keywords: Embodiment, Rest, Relaxation, Calm, Fidelity, Well-being, Harmony, Intuition

When You Connect with Skullcap it means:

It’s important to stay present in your physical form, even when you are traveling in the realms.

Your psychic gift and ability to connect with Spirit is amplifying at this time and your crown chakra is opening to more clearly receive from your guides.

You are coming into a restorative time of peace and balance.

Get out of your head and stop overthinking, and bring your energetic focus down into your entire body.

When you are grounded and balanced, you have powerful gifts that are a beacon to others and can support them in fully stepping into their highest frequencies.

Setting Intentions with Skullcap:

Sit on the ground with an intention to come more fully into your body and ground into the Earth like a great tree with deep roots.

Spend time in water to connect with the healing properties and flow of its energy.

Make a study of orgonite and work with this to support the clearing of any electromagnetic frequencies that are in your sphere.

Take time to nap as often as you need and create self-care through lots of rest.

Meditate with a focus on your crown chakra and opening to the vibrations that can support your highest good.

If Skullcap is a Totem for you:

One of your gifts is to hold and support the rising energies where you are on the planet, without feeling overwhelmed.

You are loyal in relationships and prefer a monogamous partnership with someone equally loyal.

Water is a powerful element for you and one of your most healing and nourishing allies.

Others seek you out for your ability to walk between the realms and receive psychic, intuitive information.

You love to sleep and you revel in the mornings that you can sleep in and relax all day.

From Plant Spirit Totems, being published September 2017.

Copyrighted.  Use only with permission of author.


Moss Spirit Medicine

Keywords: Softness, Patience, Humility, Connection, Wealth, Faeries, Mothering, Shadow

When You Connect with Moss it means:

If there is an idea or dream you want to grow into fruition at this time, keep it close to your heart and don’t tell others about it until you feel ready.

Magic is close but may not be obvious so keep an eye out for the unexpected.

Be gentle with yourself and your healing process, not judging your journey and how things are meant to unfold.

This is a potent time to explore your shadow side and integrate the places you don’t necessarily like about yourself into pure love.

Relax and allow prosperity and abundance of all kinds to flow to you because your vibration is one of trust and a willingness to receive.

Setting Intentions with Moss:

Spend quality time in the forest, especially shady areas, connecting with the energy there.

Find mossy areas and leave shiny, pretty gifts for faeries to honor their magic and let them know you want to connect.

Lie down on the ground and allow yourself to completely relax and become one with the Earth.

Meditate with a focus on your root chakra to embody grounding and connection.

Create a personal ritual to invoke the manifestation of things you have been waiting for, honoring your dreams and then letting go of any expectations.

If Moss is a Totem for you:

You do your best work behind the scenes and are not one to seek the spotlight.

Faeries and magical creatures are drawn to your energy and enjoy being around you.

Your energy is nurturing and gentle to others and brings a sense of sweet Mother support.

You are at peace with your shadow aspects and do not fear the places that others perceive as dark.

You’re patient and at peace with your journey, allowing yourself all the time you need to grow and explore without forcing anything.

You’ve got your own way of expanding and moving forward and like to do things a little differently than others.

From Plant Spirit Totems.  Copyrighted.  Use only with permission of author.



Kava Kava Spirit Medicine

Keywords: Relaxation, Opening, Trust, Joviality, Social, Ceremony, Community, Consciousness

When You Connect with Kava Kava it means:

It’s time to let down your guard with others so that you can more deeply connect with community.

You are entering into a time of expanding consciousness where you’ll feel your connection to Spirit opening.

Relax, rest and sleep, allowing yourself to heal and restore your energy.

Spend time with community in sacred space, especially intentional ceremonies.

Honor the balance of your divine feminine and masculine energies, not letting either aspect take over the other.

Setting Intentions with Kava Kava:

Connect with the energy of Polynesia and Melanesia.

Surround yourself with island energy or visit an island if possible.

Create personal ceremonies and rituals that feel supportive to your integration, relaxation and deeper understanding of connection.

Connect with women and create more intentional friendships and personal relationships with females at this time.

Make an effort to live in community, finding your own village of people you feel a resonance with.

If Kava Kava is a Totem for you:

You are a natural peacemaker, helping people to feel relaxed and at ease.

Sacred space and ceremony is more important to you then the daily grind of a day job.

Community connection is vital for your mental and emotional well-being.

You have a gift of divination and connecting with clear guidance from Source.

The ocean and island energy is deep medicine for you and a power place.

Rosemary Spirit Medicine

Keywords: Memory, Cleansing, Embodiment, Faithfulness, Movement, Warmth, Magic, Healing

When You Connect with Rosemary it means:

Memories may rise to the surface now, allowing you to revisit and heal any old wounds or challenges.

A new romantic love interest could be on their way.

It’s time to fully appreciate and incarnate into your human, physical form and experience true embodiment on this journey.

Make a thorough clearing of stagnant and toxic energies that are not supportive to you.

Spend time at the ocean to receive healing and restoration, allowing the salt water to cleanse any stagnant energy.

Setting Intentions with Rosemary:

Get more physical movement happening in your world, supporting flow and circulation in your body.

Make amends with anyone you cheated on or someone who cheated on you, or a person you were not faithful to in some way.

Create a personal ritual honoring your physical experience and recommit to being on this planet in human form.

Dance as much as possible.

Work with the totem of Elephant to empower remembering.

If Rosemary is a Totem for you:

Faithful in love and marriage, you are a thoughtful partner in relationship and prefer monogamy and steadfastness.

You are a gifted and magical healer with the ability to clear toxic energies and entities.

Movement is an important aspect of your healing and learning journey.

You’ve got a great memory and a gift for details, while also needing to let go of past hurts that you remember.

The ocean is a power place for you and a teacher.

From the soon to be published book, Plant Spirit Totems.

Copyrighted, use only with permission of author.


Wormwood Spirit Medicine


Keywords: Visions, Astral Projection, Dreams, Bitterness, Divination, Protection, Gut

When You Connect with Wormwood it means:

You will soon receive relief from the petty little irritations that have been overwhelming you.

Your ability to travel through the realms is opening up now and things could feel a bit otherworldly and surreal in your daily life for a time.

Find ways to work with the disappointments of life and create forgiveness in order to find the lessons so that you do not end up with regrets.

Things that were once unclear and cloudy to you will soon become very obvious as you’ll be able to see through veils of illusion and falsehood.

You are protected from negative energies or psychic attack at this time so don’t allow defensiveness to push others away.

Setting Intentions with Wormwood:

Heal any personal wounds around children, childbirth, abortion or your own birth.

Take care of your gut and intestinal health and if it’s appropriate, consider a detox that can clear parasites and toxins.

Cleanse your home and work space of any energies that feel agitating or less than peaceful.

Connect with your own personal sense of magic and divination in ways that feel resonant to you.

Keep a journal to remember the guidance and information you’re receiving in dreams right now or in your waking visions.

If Wormwood is a Totem for you:

You cut through illusions quickly and get to the heart of the matter, in your own life and with others.

Life has not always been easy for you and it’s a practice to maintain a sense of positivity despite the challenges you’ve experienced.

You are psychic and highly intuitive, with a gift for seeing into the realms and opening up the dimensions.

Your personality can be a bit intense and not everyone will take the time to get to know and appreciate you because of it.

Your core is strong and you have a powerful sense of self which supports you in sharing your magic and medicine without worrying about what others think.

Though having children may not be a priority for you, there is a protective, nurturing energy within you if others need help.

From Plant Spirit Totems, by Bloom Post, to be published 2017.

Copyrighted.  Do not use without permission of author.



Madrone (Arbutus) Tree Spirit Medicine

Keywords: Knowledge, Rebirth, Sun, Fire, Shapeshifter, Depth, Ancient, Nourishment

When You Connect with Madrone it means:

Regularly let go of any emotional baggage that is impeding your growth.

Keep your face toward the light and you will find your way, and your strength.

Be prepared for twists and turns on your journey in the coming days and weeks.

Create deep energetic roots at this time to support whatever is coming up in your life, and trust that these roots will support you.

Stop dieting and judging your physical form. Learn to love and nourish your body.

Setting Intentions with Madrone:

Create a ritual utilizing the element of fire, to support you in receiving renewed clarity by letting go of what no longer serves you.

Work with the medicine of snake and the shedding of old skin that no longer fits your current embodiment.

Meditate with a focus on your solar plexus and your connection with the sun.

Practice grounding your energy by sending energetic roots deep into the center of Mother Gaia.

Invoke support from Divine Mother to receive nourishment, nurturing and unconditional love.

If Madrone is a Totem for you:

Like a Phoenix, you are able to rise from the ashes and be reborn.

One of your many gifts is to reinvent yourself as often as you like, in order to bring fresh energy to whatever you do.

Once you’ve rooted down into a place you love, you prefer to stay put and have a consistent home-space.

You are the glue that holds your friends, inner circle or community together.

When there is a challenging or traumatic situation, you are one of the first to bounce back and bring new life into moving forward.

You carry the healing energy of Divine Mother.

Joshua Tree Spirit Medicine

Keywords: Perseverance, Resilience, Patience, Individuality, Non-attachment, Maturity

When You Connect with Joshua Tree it means:

Remain true to who you are, your true nature and how you prefer to do things.

Slow down, take your time and do not rush into anything right now.

This is a lean time for you, but it can bring a different kind of growth and understanding.

Turn toward your future and achieve a new orientation to call forth the full expression of your Soul individuality.

Your journey will bring many twists and turns, but each one offers it’s own reward.

Setting Intentions with Joshua Tree:

Rethink and possibly let go of any long-term attachments that are weighing you down and are no longer supportive for you.

Find a balance of community time and alone time.

Make prayers or create a ritual to lovingly forgive any past issues with family members and heal family karma.

Be patient with yourself and your own sense of timing.

Pay attention to the phases of the moon and how this affects your energy and emotions, and bring more awareness to your connection with the moon.

If Joshua Tree is a Totem for you:

Your gifts and talents come to fruition later in life and after much learning and maturity.

The moon is a powerful symbol and ally for you and night time is a potent time for your creative vision.

You’ve found a way to balance receiving what you need while also not getting too attached to anything.

The way you help and support others is not typical, and you are not concerned with what others expect from you.

It’s not necessary for you to have a lot of nurturing to thrive.

Once you’ve achieved success in something, you prefer to move in a new direction and find new goals.

From the soon to be published book, Plant Spirit Totems.

Copyrighted.  Use only with permission of author.

Ash Tree Spirit Medicine

Ash Tree

Keywords: Magic, Sorcery, Healing, Enchantment, Celestial realms, Expansion, Growth

When You Connect with the Ash Tree it means:

Your life is going to expand to great heights as well as great depths, so breathe deep and enjoy the journey.

Psychic energies are increasing for you now and your ability to connect with your psychic gifts is greatly enhanced.

Dress up and show off your looks to gain the attention of those who may not have noticed you before.

It’s time to expand your worldview through travel, study, or simply by making an effort to get to know those who are out of your typical social circle.

Make a study of the magical properties of herbs and forest plants.

Setting Intentions with the Ash Tree:

Meditate and work with practices that will empower you to ground your energy as well as expand into cosmic dimensions.

Clean up your home, office and sacred space to allow room for prosperity and abundance to flow in.

Imagine a bubble of light around you at this time, always protecting you from any dark energies others may send your way.

If you are feeling lonely, make time with others that you care about and also get to know new people.

Visualize the entire world surrounded in light, protected, healed and held in love.

If the Ash Tree is a Totem for you:

You are the bridge between all worlds and are able to easily move in and out of various types of situations, experiences and opportunities.

Though you tend to remain level-headed, if pushed too far you can respond with great force to protect yourself and others.

Others respect you and hold you in high esteem, looking to you for balanced and fair feedback.

Your Soul carries ancient, magical awareness and energy, and you are energetically connected to a long line of those who work magic.

You like to stay out of the spotlight so that you can work your personal magic without obstruction.

From the soon to be published book Plant Spirit Totems.

Copyrighted. Use only with permission of the author.

Tree of Heaven Spirit Medicine

tree-of-heavenKeywords: Resilience, Boundaries, Movement, Transitory, Attachments, Travel

When You Connect with Tree of Heaven it means:

You are being called to focus on self-love, and stop seeking approval from others.

Create clear and obvious boundaries with anyone and anything that does not support your highest good.

Be aware of any projections you may be focusing onto others that are really about you.

Make sure you are surrounding yourself with only those people who truly understand you, appreciate your gifts and honor you.

This is a good time to travel, or possibly even move your home.

Setting Intentions with Tree of Heaven:

Be gentle with yourself and aware of any self-criticism.

Actively create an energetic boundary around yourself and your home so that you can feel free and clear in your own energy without intrusions from others.

Make sure you are keeping healthy boundaries with others and not creeping into their personal space without permission.

Work intentionally with smells that resonate with you for healing, support and tranquility.

Do not make yourself small in order to appease others who do not move at your pace.

If Tree of Heaven is a Totem for you:

When you set your mind to something and focus on it, you can manifest and create tangible results incredibly fast.

Others often have a hard time keeping up with your growth.

As a general rule, you are misunderstood and not always appreciated for your gifts.

You are incredibly resilient and emotionally indestructible, not easily letting things get to you or allowing blocks to impede your progress.

Boundaries are a challenge for you, so it’s important that you are aware of any aggressive behavior that you may impose upon others or their personal space.

From the book, Plant Spirit Totems. Copyrighted Bloom Post. Do not use without permission of author.

Palm Tree Spirit Medicine

palm-treeKeywords: Flexibility, Sensuality, Sun, Androgyny, Fertility, Warmth, Resurrection, Unification, Vacation

When You Connect with Palm it means:

It’s important to be flexible in all situations right now in order to ride out any storms or unexpected challenges.

You are preparing for, or are in the middle of a shamanic rebirth, so be gentle with yourself.

This is a time of balancing your sacred sight and learning to see between many realms.

Whatever conflict is in your life right now, rise above it and shine your light to empower yourself and others.

Time for a vacation.

Setting Intentions with Palm:

Get out of town, even for a night, and do something totally unexpected.

Make a study of Priestess lineages and the medicine of the Phoenix.

Rest, luxuriate and nourish yourself in sensual ways.

Step away from any petty arguments or dramas that you find yourself in.

Practice shamanic journeying to connect with the in-between places and altered states.

If Palm is a Totem for you:

You’re gender fluid, without concern for being labeled in your sexuality, and carry a balance of masculine and feminine qualities.

Though you tend to guide others in a gentle way, you are a powerful leader.

You have been through some powerful metaphorical death and rebirth experiences and identify with the Phoenix.

Flexibility is part of the medicine that you offer others and you are generally easy-going and amiable.

As you get older, you remain vibrant and vital, carrying an air of eternal youthfulness.

From Plant Spirit Totems to be published 2017. Copyrighted.