Palo Santo


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This tree essence brings calm and grounding, energetic clearing, while also supporting you to see the sacredness in all life.

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With an aroma that is heavenly, Palo Santo means “holy wood” or “wood of the Saints”.  A medicinal tree that grows in South America, I worked with pieces of wood that were gifted to me from a friend who lives in Peru and made sure they were ethically harvested.  You are only supposed to harvest these trees if they have fallen.  They are not to be cut down.  Be sure to know where your Palo Santo is coming from in order to honor this medicine so it is not over-harvested.  This tree essence is wonderful to use internally as well as around your home or office.  Work with this essence to smudge a space when you are not able to light a smudge stick and use smoke.  You can also use this essence to clear the energy of your altar or sacred spaces, your tools and sacred items.  Simply put a drop or more around areas you wish to smudge, or a drop on your sacred items with the intention of clearing the energy.

Work with this tree essence for calming and grounding, and the ability to see the sacredness in all life.  This essence helps you connect with the etheric “heavenly” realms, while staying grounded in this earthly realm.  Palo Santo tree essence helps you to live a life of ceremony, regardless of what you are doing, and will bring clarity to your mind and heart in order to focus on what is truly sacred to you.  This essence empowers healing in whatever you seek support with and is a gentle aid in healing animals and children as well.  Set your intentions before working with this essence to receive the greatest support.

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