This is the replay video and audio recording of the April 28th, 2020 Empowerment for Empaths Workshop.

Are you ready to turn your sensitivities into gifts?
Do you need to learn how to embody better boundaries?
Feeling energetically overwhelmed?

Empaths are the leaders we need right now to shift the collective energies into a vibration of healing.
You are stronger than you know.

This online class is open to all who are sensitive, empathic, or feeling in need of support navigating in today’s world with all the heightened energies surrounding us daily.

Highlights Include:

Grounding & Shielding
Clearing & Cleansing Attachments
Projections Awareness
Energetic Boundaries
Feeling Safe to Stay Open
Un-enmeshing from Collective Energies
Transforming Overwhelm into Empowerment
Working with your Sensitivities as Gifts
Shift Within to Shift your World
Support from the Unseen Realms
Personal Practices to Continue your Work
and more . . .

$33 for class, includes video + mp3 recording

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