Your kind is in desperate need of stillness.  This is why you love being in the woods and in nature; it is very calming for you.  Even for those who live in cities, you have created parks and nature areas to walk in and spend time.  This is vital for all humans because you don’t know how to slow down.

The trees and plants of your planet are still.  They are comfortable being in one place and they are rooted in stillness.  When you spend time in nature, you are yearning to connect with this stillness in order to bring calm to your own experience.

Trees and other plants carry deep wisdom and medicine because of their ability to be still.  This is a lesson for your kind and it is very needed right now.

Your kind seem to think that the more active they are, the more they will accomplish and the more they will understand.  This is not so.  See how the plants and beings in nature have so much to offer and they do not go anywhere.  Even the stones are used in numerous ways by your kind and they have gifts to offer as well.

The beings in nature are actually moving, it is simply so slowly that you do not recognize it.  They are masters of meditation.  They are keys to the kingdom which you seek.  They carry the codes and the medicine that can heal your planet.  Within the plants lie all the answers that your kind seek.

Each being in nature is sentient and a part of the larger portal that is vibrating on your planet.  There are smaller portals within each sentient being as well.  This is why nature is so important to be preserved.  As it is paved over, portals are closing.  Your planet can not sustain this energetically or otherwise.

Yes, you can open the portals, or keep them open, through working with the plants and other sentient beings, but you must be in alignment with their vibration in order to understand how to do this.  Stillness and communication is vital.  This will show your kind what to do.  It will help if many of your kind will align with this vibration in order to receive the information.